Can one person make a difference in the lives of many? I have an odd request if you are up to it…?

I have played around on Y!A for a little over nine months now and made some pretty good friends as well as some pretty nasty enemies. I have seen many come &amp: go and it kind of bothers me, but I manage. I know it is impossible to please everyone and personally it would be pretty stupid of me to believe that I could. However, I want to make a difference in someone’s life and I know that 99% of you has made an impact on the life of another.
I am not usually this sappy and I apologize for breaking character. I have a request to ask of each and everyone of you. It is a simple request and it oughta not take up too much time or energy. This question is going to be a 24 hour social experiment to break up the monotony of religious debate so often seen on this forum.
I ask that you perform a random act of kindness tomorrow and make a difference in someone’s life. It can be big or small. All I ask right now is to draw on your own personal beliefs and make a difference. Will you do it?

Thanks for the reminder. Try to do one every day. Yesterday stopped at an accident scene where there were plenty of people, but just wanted to make sure things were covered and no one needed attention or aid. Police on the way, no ambulance, lots of car damage, people ok.

You never know when Karma leads the aid back to you when you need it.,

Elayne: Props for trying. All we can do in life is try.

Beautiful challenge. Yes, I will.

EDIT: Ok..I tried. I was going through the drive thru at McD’s and told the lady I wanted to pay for the car behind me. She told me that they weren’t allowed to do that. People have tried before, and they can’t accept it due to insurance reasons! WHAT!!!
It really got me mad and then depressed.
Now you have me thinking on how pathetic my life is. I’m just another face in the crowd. Someone you’d pass on the street and never think about.
People probably won’t even read this post.
I wonder…if I were hit by a bus, would anyone care?
I stay at home, so I have no co-worker friends.
I was very strong at my old Church, but once we changed Church’s, those ‘friends’ don’t call anymore.
I’m unimportant.
My life consist of laundry, dishes, vacuuming, dusting, checking homework, cleaning the bathroom etc… I really have no friends right now.
I’m unimportant.


Hmm. Sure, I’ll try it.

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