Why, according to Gallup is Obama’s approval rating down to 48%?


And is it coincidental that roughly 48% of our citizens pay no federal income tax?

Would those be the supporters that he has left?

Because Obama ran on a platform of moderate spending, to which he duly ignored by his second week in office by signing without review the stimulus bill,

because he promised to create jobs, and in fact job losses have piled up since he took office,

because be promised common sense moderate governing, and, has repeatedly ridiculed opposition leaders and private industry to support Democratic legislation,

because debt has piled up fast and furious inside of a year of his taking office.

Obama had a thin resume prior to his taking office, and, his inability to make insightful judgments is, so far, making him the most inconsequential leader we have had in the White House in a generation.

Such a shame, but true.

The reason his poll numbers are down is because people that voted for him are beginning to realize that he can’t deliver on his campaign promises and most of what comes out of his mouth is a lie.

Because his HC is the biggest boondoggle in American history.
Because he continues to bow and &quot:apologize&quot: on behalf of the American people everywhere he goes.
Because he is bought and sold by the Feds and central bankers for the destruction of our identity as a free people.
Because he is a marxist and hates America.

Maybe the kenyan kool-aid is starting to sour.

BTW: The Federal income tax is unconstitutional therefore it is robbery.

Even those supporters will begin to erode when they realize you can’t have free lunch forever. When the government takes more and more from the fewer and fewer that contribute, ultimately they run out of money to take. Eventually, everyone will suffer under Obama’s class warfare. This experiment has been tried over and over throughout history, and the outcome has always been the same…failure. Don’t expect it to turn out differently this time. You may change the players, but you can’t change the game.

Everyone said to give Obama time – cut the criticism, he inherited a mess. Now that he owns the economy and people see his true agenda, only those who blindly follow their leaders and those who share his neo-communist agenda continue to support him.

Let’s see – entitlement recipients, union members, 60’s radicals and racists (anti-white) – that adds up to about 40%, so we should see his numbers continue to drop.

Deceived Democrats and Independents who voted for him are ‘scorned’, and will make their voices heard in 2010.

I think Socrates makes a good point. However, I believe there are still some socialist libs and intellectually-challenged people who would follow their leader to everyone else’s grave for &quot:the cause&quot:.

I think Gallup has a liberal bias. Some of the 48% may actually be giving up on him.


People with any reasoning ability who fell for Obama’s packaging are all coming out of the ether and are angry.

The rest are &quot:gubba-ment&quot: cheese eaters, section 8’ers, fake SSI’ers, convicted felons, layabouts, nincompoops, crybabies, ne’er-do-wells, &quot:dist-ability&quot: fakers, women who run around yelling, &quot:WHO MY BABY DADDY? WHO MY BABY DADDY? WHO MY BABY DADDY?&quot:, and other scrubs, losers and parolees.

Rasmussen (historically the most accurate pollster) has his approval rating at 46%. I suspect it’s a combination of the record low approval for the senate healthcare bill (only 36% support it now) and his abysmal performance in international affairs — highlighted in Asia this past week, if anyone is paying attention to international press — rather than the Obama support networks.

i do not know if the implied assumption is accurate

but i will run with it

and say that the 16th amendment needs to be repealed

congress needs to be starved of its bribe money

the secret service will have to protect congress-things if they go outside their compound

damn thieves

arrogant @ssholes

communism can only survive as a parasite
it finds wealth and consumes until the wealth is gone
obama is now relying on chinese wealth to sruvive
when it hits, the thud will be resounding

Dare I say people are waking up to the fact that the emperor has no clothes?

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