Who is the biggest flopper in NBA history, Paul &quot:Wheelchair&quot: Pierce?

2 Vlady D??
3 Manu

Reggie Miller

Vlady D..
Pierce has been acting only since the finals

Pierce has only been acting for about a year, so I am going to hand this to Vlady, he introduced flopping to the NBA. Pierce might have introduced acting and &quot:glory-stealing&quot: into the NBA.

Vlade Divac is still the biggest flopper in NBA history. He mastered the art of flopping but you have got to credit Pierce for his wonderful acting skills.

It’s easy…

the biggest flopper in NBA history = Vlade Divac

the biggest flopper Active = Manu Ginobili

Paul Pierce…. is just a Princess.!!!!


Arvydas Sabonis

Pierce= flopper

i agree with all the answers given, but are we forgeting this Garcia guy from Sac town? i’ve been a Laker fan all my life, and i accept defeats and that no team is perfect. but the last game we played against sac town in sac town, that garcia guy was floppy happy. he threw his legs out and fell to the ground a couple of times and there were a couple times when the lakers were only starting to run at him. maybe 5 ft from him and he still falls? look it up on you tube

The best actor in the NBA by far is MANU GINOBILI…

2nd… Anyone else in the NBA from Argentina

Pierce &amp: Ginobli

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