What would you do if your son/daughter told you &quot:I’m gay&quot:….?

What would be your first reaction!? If your son or daughter told you they were gay, lesbian, bi, etc…

Me: are you sure?
son/daughter: yes im gay/lesbian/bi.
me: im proud of you no matter what you are, your my son/daughter and i love you unconditionally.

i can’t view your percentbecause i’m at artwork (they block those web content) yet i’m constructive you’ve a eye-catching family contributors! The humorous component with my little ones are my hubby’s part thinks my oldest appears like him and my youngest appears like me. And its quite the different with my part. i imagine my oldest appears like me at the same time as i turned right into a baby and my youngest appears like my husband at the same time as he become little. ETA: i’m abode now &amp: can see your p.c.. i become precise you’re family contributors is eye-catching! i imagine your daughter &amp: son contained in the middle look like you. Your son on the right appears like your hubby and your son on the left appears like a mixture of you both 🙂 Your youngst is a touch hard to inform as i can in uncomplicated words see a profile of his face.

Myra, you’re a joke and it’s people like you who shouldn’t have kids in the first place.

To answer the question: If I had a kid there would be no hassles. As long as the kid is happy that’s the important thing.

I would be dissapointed as expected of any mother, but I would love them just the same no less, as its the sin God hates NOT the sinner.

I’d be shocked because he has been with soo many girls and now he’s married.

i would be surprised but give them a hug, tell them i appreciate them telling me and it’s no difference to me. and it shouldn’t be a difference to anyone.

Makes little difference to me

They are still my kids and I will love them irregardless if they are gay,straight,or un human.

its not a big deal. its their choice and there are plenty of people that are. but what i would do is ask them &quot:are you sure this is what you want?&quot: because i would want to make sure they are happy with their decision

I don’t have kids, lol. Anyway I’d be shocked but I’d be fine with it. It wouldn’t make me love them any less.

I would be sad buy accepting

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