CUBS Fans ONLY! Playoffs?

I feel like every year no matter what happens, we’re not going to make it. Last night I watched the red hot Cubs play like the first 1/3 of the year Cubs against the Mets. Add to the fact that Soriano is now out for a month. I really feel like this is as close to getting in the playoffs as we could get. The Cubs were so hot for a month and a half and now they have seemed to just fizzle out. Their wins look like a strain to win rather than better baseball. Why can’t things just work out? Also, why is the bullpen so sporatic? Everyone talks about how great the bullpen is, and what numbers they have put up, but I dont see it.

I’m a Cards fan, but I’m still going to answer:

You pretty much have only one team to worry about and that’s the Brewers. (The Cards are now 8 out, got swept by the Nats (OUCH!) and don’t appear to be getting any pitching back, so I’ll cheer for them, but it’s going to take a Christmas miracle). Anyways, the Brewers appear to be falling faster than the Cubs and I believe the Cubs can make the playoffs, but getting beyond the NLCS would be doing more than I would predict.

i’m undecided that the Cubs will additionally make the playoffs pondering the terrible exhibiting that they had today. they have basically gained a million sport in the previous week, Lee and Fukudome are 2 of the Worst hitters in baseball perfect now and the bullpen retains blowing the sport for the Cubs. to not point out that aside from Soriano, the entire team is suffering to attain runs. Its going to be a 4 team race for the NL critical and that i hate to assert it however the Cubs and the Brewers won’t make the playoffs this 3 hundred and sixty 5 days.

Before I start, I am a White Sox fan

I know that they are kinda going downhill right now, but so are the Brewers. As far as I know, the Cubs are still only one game behind them. And based on the Cubs season (and right now, the Sox’s season) anything can happen that will switch the momentum and give your team a second chance to get into the playoffs. I personally think that they are a strong enough team this year to get into the playoffs and, alhtough this might be a shot in the dark, but make it to the World Series.

First of all, soriano is not as good as u think he is. He is probably a more significant loss on defense than offense. Second, the cubs r doing good on defense right now, but they are failing to score any runs. They cant get the long ball (still) and they’re just not getting what they want out of the pitches. Third, cubs are not out of the division, they’re only in second and only one game behind. Have some faith. They were probably gonna lose to the mets cuz of tom glavine and all, but thayll be back.

It is a long season and there are going to be some ups and downs. We are in such a terrible division we still have a great chance at the playoffs. Hopefully we can get on a hot streak at the right time. We will miss Soriano, but now we will just have to play a different style of baseball. Keep the faith.

Got to get the goat curse off!

they have 1 chance but i think there not going to make it


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