Why are so many people attacking Joel Osteen over him not opening his church up as a shelter during flood?

1) Why would you want him to set up a shelter in the middle of an evacuation area? People were being evacuated 100s of miles away for a reason.

2) He is a pastor, not a psychic, so how do people expect him to know if his church would be safe or not? There is still no guarantee due to the levies having to be drained and return of the storm in a few days.

3) Most of his staff was also evacuated, and there is now pictures showing that the church was flooded so the logistics of maintaining a running shelter in an evacuation area would be undoable.

You make some good points, I’ll give you that.

I think he generally rubs people the wrong way, at times, because he’s a man claiming to be Christian, yet has a lot of money and material items. Also, coming from an Orthodox background, I know those Christians tend to be more minimalist, i.e. of the thought process that church should not be so rich, but rather more humble and small.

I’m an atheist, but from reading some of the statements he made, he doesn’t seem all that bad (see article below). It’s kind of funny that some people are putting him down for being too soft on people, for not saying they’re going to hell for doing this and that.

Nope. It is not up to him.

I am not a fan of Joel Osteen. Not at all.

However, Joel Olsteen does NOT OWN that church. He is the pastor. He reports to the governing body of the church, which may be the Board of Directors, or Board of Elders, or whatever they call themselves. The church is a 501(c)(3) corporation.

Again, Joel Olsteen does not own that church. He is the Pastor.

So it would be up to the Board to decide what to do.

The Pastor can make recommendations to the Board, if he chooses to do so. But should he do so? Maybe not.

Remember Katrina? About 14,000 people stayed at the Louisiana Superdome. It was a BAD SCENE. Some of the people there raped one of the woman while they were there. Chaos in action. Lots of bad people in this world. And the people refused to leave when it was time to go. And when they finally left, the left the place in complete shambles. It was a mess, and it is STILL A MESS.

It is difficult or impossible to control 14,000 upset people. And some of the people are BAD, and they do not belong in church. And they would have NO RESPECT for the church who is helping them.

You should have seen the photos of the Louisiana Superdome after the refugees left. It was bad. They were total slobs. Did they clean up before they left? Of course not.


He is a scam artist and not a person

People unaffected by his decision are just gossiping and being stupid.

The only people ‘attacking’ him are the same ones who wish they weren’t too fat to squeeze into an automobile so they could go looting.

Why would he?

He can’t make $-Big-$-Cash-$-Money-$ like Jesus would want him to.

Atheists want some reason to dis Christianity.
I want to know what those atheists, who attack Joel Osteen, have done to help the people in Texas.

It is always easy to attack someone sitting in the comfort of your home

It’s mainly atheists and liberals attacking him

thanks for the update

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