Spiritually inquiring, is it just me or are Sundays particularly nasty on R&S?

I’m well aware there are people from all over the world here, but the majority of those on here are from the U.S. It’s Monday where I am, but just barely, and I haven’t gone to bed yet, so I still feel like it’s Sunday.

I often take the weekends off from R&amp:S. I don’t know if it’s nastier here today than usual. Perhaps it is.

But I’m more than happy to say something nice.

I smile here far more than I frown and it’s because I think the majority of people who come here are genuinely kind human beings.

I can’t say I have ever noticed a difference, actually. The near-constant spitefulness and clique-driven bullying drove me away from answering questions on the front page of the R&amp:S section. I now mostly just answer questions from my contacts, or questions my contacts have starred.

I try to be polite and courteous to others here, but on occasion I’ve descended into attacking people too, and I deeply regret it. But somehow, it’s so easy to do.

There are many genuinely kind, intelligent, and funny users here of numerous different beliefs and ideologies, though, and they make it more than worth it 🙂

I don’t know if it is any nastier than any other day here, the past few months have been almost unbearable for me to visit due to the nastiness coming from the intolerant souls.
I find the spewing of hatred comes in all shapes and sizes, all creeds and of many different belief systems, the radical atheists have also contributed. (:

If it wasn’t for the authentic, loving and kind hearted people here, I would never again visit.

You should try visiting the UK section. It’s like that all the time. Vicious, ignorant and petty-minded.

I visit Y!A for a while and then the nastiness gets too much and I have to leave again to recover.

I agree, (((Cricket))). It’s because all the fundies and religious &quot:holier-than-thou’s&quot: are here on Sundays. They infiltrate R&amp:S with all their bigotry and intolerance.

Not all, of course, but a pretty good percentage.


*sniff* What about lolcattians?


thats why theres flags on the bottom of the page separating people of different countries.

What are going do people just keep having babies …after awhile you just become use to the crying

That’s the nicest thing I’ve read today (((Cricket))).

And I agree with you wholeheartedly.

*raises his glass to each and every member of R&amp:S, regardless of ANYTHING..*

yay Anton LaVey!

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