SC’s, What would you do with the neighbor kids toys in your yard?

We are visiting our son in Las Vegas for just a couple of more months.
Most of his neighbors are quiet and keep to themselves.
The back yards here are very small, just large enough for a patio table and a few chairs and potted plants.
Directly behind my son’s home is a family that has several small children, not sure how many are theirs as it seems like often there are up to 4 kids at once.
At least 2 or 3 of them belong in the home full time.
One boy is maybe 5 and the others are younger in age.
In the past 10 days they have been throwing toys over the wall into our yard.I rarely go out there and usually don’t notice when they are being thrown over.
My husband collected them 2 times and put them over the wall, it is about 6 feet high.
Today I noticed a ball so I went out to collect it.
There were over 10 toys in the yard plus a rusty steel rod about 3 feet long.
These kids are out of control and their parents often have then playing outside as late as 11pm in the dark.
I can tell their parents are not all with it as one day as we were driving down their side of the st. the mother was so busy talking to another mother that she didn’t stop her kids from running behind a parked car into the st. right in front of us, my husband is a very careful driver so we stopped well in time but the mothers just looked at us like sorry, such idiots!
I am not going to be in the habit of catering to these spoiled out of control kids that throw things over the fence and want their toys back.
Should I just let the toys collect until their mother comes over to collect them or throw them over the wall and not get into a mess with people, we are leaving in 2 months and my son will never give back the toys if it is left to him.’They would find their way into the trash can first.
What do you advice in this situation.
iremember losing aball myself as a child and the old man wouldn’t give it back to me.
PS, my husband noticed the older boy throwing rocks at their family dog, poor thing has no where to run to and the parents seem to have no rules for these brats.

Apparently the kids don’t respect boundaries most likely because they haven’t been taught and their selfish parents don’t care as long as they aren’t inside bothering them. You can save the stuff up until they come asking about it, take a few photos of the stuff laying in your yard just in case the parents lie and accuse you of &quot:stealing&quot: their stuff…some people can be nutty that way when they are themselves in the wrong and want to make trouble for neighbors.

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Do not throw them back. Put them in a big box and keep them until someone from the family comes to get them and then talk to them about how dangerous it is to have anyone throwing things over a wall without seeing if someone is standing there. If they throw dangerous things keep them and call the police and show them what they are throwing over the wall. The parents probably have no idea what is going on in their yard.

Do as your son would do, or put them in a plastic bag and keep them in the garage. When the folks come over to collect them, then give them the bag. If they don’t come to collect within a month then throw them out. I wouldn’t throw them back. You might accidentally hit someone and they’d use that as a reason to complain to you.

Edit: Now BKIND, be kind. 🙂

What I did was put them in a 50 gallon bag and keep them in my backyard, and after a week one night I walked around to the front of their house and left it on their porch. Those are kids toys and can have a sentimental value for kids, and are expensive for the parents, so don’t throw them out.

Sometimes its the parents who present the bigger problems than the kids and they have to be properly policed as well.

Iguess the little imp think this is a game.Box them up and send them to good will In your yard they are yours. Iget baseballs in mine.,and golf balls too My big solid fence makes target practice when Iam not at home Hubby keeps golf balls and Ilive up a big hill so I give the base balls a shove with my foot. I’m sure some kid at the bottom gets good use of them.

My neighbor kid’s toys only come over the fence by accident &amp: on rare occasions, so I just toss them back when I notice them.

IF they were constantly throwing them over the fence, I would assume that they are bored out of their minds, and need some help. Yo might try speaking about the problem with Child Welfare Services, and ask their advice. Also . . . mention that one of the children has been seen kicking the dog, and report this to Animal Control or whatever agency is appropriate for taking care of abused animals. (You can ask to remain anonymous.)

Before reporting, start collecting &amp: keeping what they throw in your yard. Maybe that problem will simply end when they run out of things to toss over! Otherwise, show the stuff to Child Welfare Workers.

&quot:What You Can Do: Report Suspected Abuse or Neglect&quot:

&quot:Children Deserve to be Wanted and Loved!

&quot:The UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child&quot:

It’s not good for people to live so close to each other. A family needs at least two acres of space to raise some kids. There is no real good solution to this dilemma.

I would get a big box, something that won’t get badly wet if it rains..and collect all the toys and put them in there and let the MOTHER come and get them..by then maybe she will realizes what her kids are doing!!..=)

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