R & P, has anyone heard this British Space Rock band that influenced Punk & Industrial music? ?

R &amp: P, has anyone heard this British Space Rock band that influenced Punk &amp: Industrial music?

As far as influence many bands &amp: singer have been influenced by them from Jello Biafra of Dead Kennedys &amp: Lard &amp: other projects, as well as Johnny Rotten/John Lydon of Sex Pistols &amp: PiL, besides also Monster Magnet, Chrome, Alien Sex Fiend &amp: many, many others. Even Jimi Hendrix while he was alive &amp: saw them was impressed.

Ah, dear old Hawkwind, very under-rated band, even with Lemmy in its ranks.

The Shadows of Knight were okay, but to be honest, there were lots better garage bands. Van’s original version of Gloria is far superior. Check out The Standells, The Sonics, The Seeds, etc. (wow! all start with an S, interesting) Edit: sounds like we have the same disease. I have more than 5000 lps, cds, 78s, 45s, etc. And if I had the money, I could go out today and buy another 1000 without trying hard. Good to see someone else with wildly varied taste.

Yes, Hawkwind was great. Lemmy Kilmeister was a member before forming Motorhead.

I asked a question about them once, wanting someone to recommend me a good album to start with, since they have well over 25 albums. I only found one I liked, Warrior On The Edge Of Time. It was an okay album but I wasn’t into it that much. I might find their later work more interesting, but I just followed up to the first of what they recommended.

i barely know hawkwind and definitely want to get into them ‘cos i like the little i’ve heard (and i love a lot of the other bands you’ve mentioned, especially all that krautrock business…)

i had these in mind when i asked that ‘unwieldy discography’ q… i have no idea where to start!

can you recommend any good albums as starting points?

They sounded really great, I’ve heard of them before but that’s the first time I listened to anything by them. I’ve seen them mentioned on here a couple times by Darth, I know he is a big fan of them. Next time I’m at a record store though, I’ll have to see if I can find any of their stuff.

Yea. Lemmy was in Hawkwind at one time I think.

They are pretty good.

Haven’t heard them before but I really like them!

thanks foe posting this 🙂

**** I’ve never heard this but I have a feeling you just got me addicted!

I LOVE their sound! Cool!!!

Thank you for posting this.

Been meaning to check them out, The live stuff is brilliant. Thanks.

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