In Internet Explorer 8 how can I get it to NOT display favorite sites?

Will they stay listed for a certain time period? Is it adjustable?
I’m talking about the top line where the web address is located, there is a small down arrow on the right. Clicking the arrow shows history of recent sites and then a list of favorites.
I tried using the x to delete but that also deletes the site from my list of favorites.

I want it to NOT list my favorites.

Annoying, isn’t it? Try opening your Favorites folder and moving all of your links into a sub-folder. See if that helps.
Also: When you roll your mouse cursor over the items in the address bar dropdown, you should notice that a red X displays to the right of the active list item. It’s a button, and you press it to you get to choose whether to delete the item. Works with everything in the address bar drop-down list.

The answer is actually easy!
Go into:
Tools &gt: Internet Options &gt: Content &gt: AutoComplete Settings &gt: Delete AutoComplete history &gt: [select items to delete] (You’ll want to make sure ‘address bar’ is checked) &gt: Delete

Hope this helps!

IE Outreach Team

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