Fox News versus ANY news paper?

As evidence of why the Obama White House does not think FOX is a news organization…. bumbling babbling mouthpiece Robert Gibbs said, have you tuned in at 5 and 9 PM?

At 5 and 9 PM is the COMMENTARY shows of Beck and Hannity.

If the White House is going to judge Fox based SOLELY on COMMENTARY programming…. wouldn’t this be the same foolish act as judging a newspaper as garbage simply by pointing to the OP ED pages?

What am I missing? Why doesn’t our educated… well spoken…. sophisticated…. handsome President understand the TERRIBLE FLAW in his logic that a simple citizen can understand?

Well, the administration is afraid of FOX, and moveon.org has forbidden Democrats to watch FOX. My guess is FOX is doing something right.

Talk about violating freedom of speech. I have never seen such tactics in my entire adult life.

I guess it’s ok on CNN when their commentary matches comrade Obama’s. This makes CNN a viable news outlet. LOL!

FOX remains number 1 in ratings. Only thinking people are allowed to watch.


Since I work all day, I watch FOX in the evening. They do have a news program on in the evening but most of the programs are opinion which is the same for all the cable news channels. Few people watch news constantly. How boring. I really don’t understand the focus on FOX. MSNBC always tears up conservative presidents but few single them out the way FOX has been. It makes no sense to me. Why is it so much worse to be in opposition to this administration than for any other news outlet to be in opposition to a conservative administration? I really need an answer to that because it isn’t a normal reaction. It isn’t normal at all.

Mr. obama is trying to set the stage for the new law that goes along these line no news organization&quot: broadcasting must provide equal time for both sides of the political spectrum. By saying fox in not a news channel this law will require them to give equal time for and against. on all programs. With talk show hosts etc.

It would be like comparing a Catholic Magazine to an Atheist publication.

Why does the media let Gibbs get away with this crap?

** Above me….&quot:Can you provide any pro Obama coverage…..&quot: Come on!! Since when is the President of the United States privileged to &quot:PRO&quot: coverage? He is the President! The media is our source of NEWS. Protecting this administration, ANY administration, is corrupt at best. Those who are protecting him from scrutiny are indeed NOT NEWS organizations.

Well, I think you owe me a hundred Bucks.(just another account) I am sure just like all Libs you will see your way clear to snivel your way out of it. So when I see the money you will learn the difference. Being as this is just a ploy for you and yours to learn the difference.
The white house is digging for something and coming up with sh!t. You know like the stuff Obama talks.

This just shows how democrats embrace fascism.

Why the hell are they denouncing Fox News? Don’t the idiots have something better to do? After all, isn’t Barack the president?

Fox, unlike CNN, actually has fair news programming with no slant (not the opinion programming). They have representatives of both sides and give them equal time. CNN’s news coverage is as slanted as their opinion programming. CNN stacks the deck in favor of the left position every time.

The problem isn’t the White House. It’s the people that watch Fox News that think Beck and Hannity are giving them news and not commentary. THAT is the problem.

Obama understands exactly what he is doing. The fox controversy is taking the focus off of health care reform and Afghanistan.

Even Fox News exemployees recognize the bias of their organization:


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