Did the sun signs REALLY change?

like I used to be a taurus, but now, accoring to a newspaper (i’m from Romania btw),now I’m Aries. oh, and there’s a new sun sign: Ophiuchus ( that’s how you write it in Romanian, not sure about English though). IS THIS TRUE??? I don’t want to change being a taurus. I mean, I’ve been a taurus for 13 years!!!!!

yes this is all true. (you’ve been reading. this is good)
Ophiuchus was and still is, just over looked by those that don’t research the truth.

but you haven’t been taurus for 13 years…. or a aries for only a few.

about 1000 years ago all of astrology fell apart and became a giant lie…..

due to the earths precession over its axis.
(the stars don’t shift, earth does.)

meaning its axis circles and tilts back and forth over a period of about 27,000 years I think.

the sun signs will continue to fall behind one by one, and then it will go back to the way it was, and then up one my one and back and forth and back and forth for millions of years.

in TRUE astrology, this was NEVER a consideration because they really didn’t know how things worked. they thought the stars where gods, the earth was the center of the universe and the stars where put here for us.

now days, we understand precession, we know we are NOT the center of the universe and stars are NOT gods. they are collections of hot matter.

many people will claim, we need to change the zodiac to match whats going on, but this is taking a bad idea and making it worse by creating what ever you want out of it (cheating) and if you notice, the people that make up the EXCUSES put this $#%# in either a book or a newspaper (but if you look closely at each of them, you notice a price tag………….. its not about you, or your future, its about their $$$ in their pocket)

don’t bite the hook.

Bite science. its delicious, and it makes you smarter

During the course of a year, the Sun’s apparent path is along the ecliptic. The ecliptic goes through 13 constellations. However, 13 is not a convenient number to work with so the Greek divided the zodiac (the band of constellations along the ecliptic) into 12 houses, which they have named after 12 of the 13 constellations (Ophiuchus is the one they skipped).

When they did this, the Sun was in Aries (the &quot:house&quot:, not quite the same as the constellation) from the dates that we call March 21 to April 21. (Our dates are from the Roman calendar, not the Greek one).

However, the Earth’s axis has precessed in the meantime. This means that the Sun presently passes through Aries much later (April-May).

After a few thousands of years, the &quot:houses&quot:, which have been kept to fixed dates relative to the Sun, are now completely separated from the constellations (which are fixed on the real sky).

Mind you, the whole basis of astrology was that the planets were moved around by gods (and later, angels) for the purpose of sending us messages. When Newton showed that gravity, and gravity alone, was sufficient to explain all the apparent movements of the planets, we no longer needed the gods (nor the angels) to push the planets around.

No gods = no messages.

That is why astronomy is now very different from astrology. If you want us to tell you where the Sun really was (in relation to constellations) when you were born, we can do that (but it will have no meaning). If you want to be told lies about what the planets can do for you, you should go to the astrology section.

If you use the modern boundaries of the constellations (not the houses) as set out by the International Astronomical Union, then the Sun is in Taurus from May 15 to June 21 (give or take a day).

If you want to be a modern Taurus instead of an old-fashion Taurus, you could ask to have your anniversary date officially changed…

On the rare days when I read horoscopes, I look for one that suits me (let’s say Capricorn) and I pretend that I am a Capricorn for that day. Overall, this works out just as well as if I had gone with my &quot:real&quot: sign (which, as just explained above, is just as false).

And yes, I did check the ratio of &quot:accuracy&quot: and compared using the &quot:correct&quot: horoscope versus using a desired horoscope. No measurable difference in the accuracy of the &quot:forecast&quot:.

But a much better mood for the day.

its really pretty simple.

even the astrologers have figured it out.

there’s two kinds of signs now… tropical and sidereal.

if you want to still be a taurus, then just espouse tropical astrology. If you really think the important thing is &quot:where was the Sun when I was born&quot: then claim the sidereal astrologers as correct.

really, now… does it make ANY difference? According to both groups, you and 1/12 of the people on Earth are all absolutely identical.

its a scam. SURELY you see that? This is the gosh-darned freaking 21st CENTURY!

Due to the shifting of the stars from some 2,000 years ago, yes, the star signs did &quot:change&quot:. The sun no longer passes through your star sign when it’s supposed to. And Ophiuchus has always been there too.

Oh no, my heart bleeds for you. Ask this in the Astrology section. They have changed it and I actually have no idea what I am. 🙂

you can be anything you want.

since astrology is meaningless, you can make up any answer you like. this is what astrologers do, but if you make up your own answers, at least you won’t waste any money. just your own time, and your own intellect.

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