Who is the best candidate to save us from Barack Hussein Obama?

We all know the Socialist Barack Hussein Obama has secured a powerful grip on people’s minds, especially the youths he has seduced like Joe Camel. I believe we need a real powerhouse to come along and rescue our nation from his stranglehold, so that it can go on surviving. With Obama, I don’t believe we have a chance. Who could that candidate be?

Could Donald Trump enter back into the picture? I think he was the best one for rebuking Obama’s crap and putting us back onto a sane path economically.

Please…none of the usual answers blaming others. Obama was supposed to save us and make good on his promises of hope and change. If he couldn’t achieve it, then why did he say it?

@ Stephan o’sullivan are you stupid Hussein is Obama’s middle name.

Frankly it doesn’t matter who we get into the White House.

It’s not the President’s fault. It’s Congress.

No matter who we get, Congress will be polarized against him. Half will be for him, the other half will be against him.

Don’t believe me? Remember when we were hours away from a shut down? Or when we were hours away from defaulting on our debit? Congress was the one being the stone around this country’s neck.

If the Democrats were to suggest something, the Republicans would reject it. And vice versa. The only way to get these jokers to agree on anything involves voting in another salary hike for them. Have you seen what they make? Do you know how much they will still be making when they finally step down from office?

Sure Obama is about as effective as a cat flap in an elephant house and really not the awesome president that everyone hoped for, but even if we were to genetically splice Chuck Norris with Jesus Christ and elect him to the White House…nothing would get done since everyone in Congress would still be bickering and arguing like a bunch of first graders on the playground.

1. Paul will shut down the Federal Reserve system.
It is NOT Federal. It is a private bank.
It is NOT a reserve. It has NO RESERVES.
It is NOT a system. It is a crime syndicate. It is owned and run by Rothschilds, Morgans, Rockefellers, Schiffs, Warburgs etc. (All JEWS).

2. Paul wants to stop Middle East wars. JEWS control the US foreign policy (AIPAC, NORPAC, ADL, SPLC, Hudson Institute etc. are all Jewish lobby groups), and lobby the US government (with help from their Zionist Fed buddies) to spend TRILLION$ in the Middle East defending ISRAELS interests.

3. JEWS own most mainstream media. They don’t give Paul much airtime because HIS POLICIES ARE ANTI-ISRAEL AND ANTI-FED (ie. anti-Jewish).

Almost every other candidate out there is one and the same. So similar it’s scary. Ron Paul is the one who is the exception – not a puppet, and actually cares about the fate of the US and the American people. If anyone, Ron Paul will be the one restore America.

I don’t think this Barack Hussein Obama person exists.
Barack Obama is the closest person to that. If you meant Obama, why are you adding Hussein when he isnt middle eastern? Are you that racist?

Your country is going to tear itself apart with all the hate your and others ignorance seeds.

The GOP have yet to come up with anyone.


…Smith &amp: Wesson can save &quot:us&quot: from (him) !

★ ☆ ★ ☆ RON PAUL 4 PRESIDENT 2012 ☆ ★ ☆ ★

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