Can you trust a car (Nissan Altima) with a rebuilt engine?

Ok so I bought a 2005 Nissan Altima yesterday. I took it on the highway for about 30 min and the engine started smoking and basically blew out.

So the dealership I got the car from gave me my money back. It’s not a nissan dealership, just a small local dealership.

They say that they are going to buy another used engine and replace this one. (We haven’t reversed any paperwork yet because they still want me to buy it.)

I don’t know what to do because I really love the car, but I don’t know much about cars so I’m having trouble making the decision. And I’m a girl so there is always some car dealer trying to take advantage of me. So can you trust rebuilt engines?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

You are saying they are going to buy a used engine to replace it with. There’s no way of knowing what condition the engine will be in.

For the original engine to just blow out it must have been high mileage, poorly maintained or has been badly used.
Either way the car sounds like a bad buy and you should leave it as far behind as possible. There’s no way of knowing how many other problems you would have with it.

If you have your money back change the paper work over and forget it.

I can understand your love for your nissan, i have had four nissans 2 primeras and 1 serena and they are great. if i were you i would go for the rebuilt engine, if you get another dog you get another set of fleas, and the devil you know is better than…. i know a chap who got a brand new merc and it was troubble from day 1. even the seatbelt was faulty. if your car is still under warranty you would not have to pay a penny for the engine replacement. Most nissans have 1 merit other cars dont… They have no timming belt they have a timing chain instead which will last the lifetime of the car almost all other cars have belts which need changing every 100,000miles at least. if you do choose to go for the rebuilt engine, you should be ok. Always warm your car up for at least 2mins to let the oil circulate and lubricate the block b4 you drive off this reduces wear friction and increases engine health. without doing this its like waking someone up from sleep and getting them to do a 100metre dash without a warm up. Perhaps this is what happened to your car. Castro magnatex oil clings to the inner parts so the oil does not drain down when the car is at rest. finally try never to push a car to its limit, but with the speed cameras and nature of our roads this may be unlikely.
My first car was a vauxhaul astra, i parked on a yellow line during euro 2000 pourtugal beat england, upset i left my car on the line and went to work came back and my car was not there. The council had towed it away. now i bought it for 250 pounds and used 170 to claim it reason being i was emotionally attached as it was my first car, and i had so many happy motoring miles from it then on. i wish you the very best with your altima and i hope my advice has been helpful- Nigel U.K

Rebuilt engines can be fine with a reputable shop. In fact, I drive a truck with a rebuilt engine. In your situation, I would suggest walking away from this car. A 2005 should not have blown out. If you truly like the 2005 Altima, just find another one and get it from either an individual or a more reputable dealer. In either case, get a CarFax report.

For the kind of money your gonna pay for a 4 year old Altima, Don’t buy it with another junk motor, that motor is not garenteed to run unless Nissan says it is, not a whole in the wall dealer that wants to patch the problem and hope it lasts 90 days so they arent responcible for it…DONT BUY IT

The Kia will probably be friendlier to the wallet, but I’m Korean myself and have a bad complex against Korean cars, as unfair as that may be. Hyundai was the first Korean car company and obviously the first to cross over, but their cars were absolutely junk back in the day. I can’t really escape that impression, burned in my mind as if with a branding iron. Nissan!

there is nothing wrong with rebuilt engines, in fact the rebuilt engine could be better than the engine that blow.
if you trust the garage then get it, if not DONT.

i ave a fully rebuilt 1.6 cvh from top to bottom, and now in the proses of rebuilding the rest of the can.

No Im sorry don’t buy the car a rebuilt engine is usually a disaster your going to have to go car hunting again!


you must be pretty.use it to your advantage and ask what the best car on the lot is. or take a mechanic with you. remember if you want the interior to go somewhere the rest of the car has to be lovable too. there are a lot of reviews out you could look up before you shop.

I’d look for another Altima. This sounds like a shady deal.

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