I wait,Hope and Pray to God that the USA will soon wage war with Iran,who agrees?

The USA needs to continue it’s wars and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan to keep the Militant Islamic Fanatics in check,a Military Invasion of Iran must be next.
To make sure a 9/11 attack never happens in the USA again these wars must continue no matter what the cost.The Army/Marines have met their recruitment quota by allowing in substandard recruits,soon this will not be enough and military conscription(Draft) must return,to be fair women must also be conscripted.
Many people will disagree with this,they do not know that for america to be safe and keep it’s people free these wars must continue,even if it Bankrupts the US economy or if these wars last for over 30 years,does anyone else agree?

I think it’s time 4 u 2 c a psychiatrist !
You Embarrass yourself , you embarrass America !!!

Edit : Mikaelm below: lol, my friend take it easy, this was your first answer?? you got a hell of the start. so you never seen action and you are dying to see one? don’t worry you get your chance ! Just take it easy.

Best Regards.

Keep them safe from what? if you wanna be safe attack SAUDI ARABIA…90%of your 9/11 bombers came from there. Iraq, and Iran have nothing to do with you. when has an Iranian or an Iraqi cell last attacked a US city? can you give me dates??? scumbag…go enlist and die uselessly like all the other soldiers dying with patriotic tears yet wasting their ******* lives. warmonger.

Indeed, God likes nothing better than killing on a massive scale. Or is that Satan? I keep getting the two mixed up.

I wait, hope and pray to God that HE gives you some common sense !!!

I only pray to God you are not serious

I am afraid it is already too late and it wont work.

Disagree…how many more Soldiers do YOU want to die till you are satisfied??????????????

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