Firefox, Chrome, IE9, or Safari(for PC)?

Im trying to find a good browser for my PC but im having trouble choosing. Please share your opinions thank you.

Chrome, It’s the future, I’ve found the recent versions of Firefox to be slow and problematic for some reason.

Firefox is good. As for Chrome and IE9, they are not what they are cut out to be. They will not let you manage what you would like to add if you add different things to your browser. I would go with Firefox or IE8. I run IE8 because I have a couple of other toolbars I like to keep on my browser.

Im no computer expert or anything but in my opinion I would recommend the google chrome because first of all the google chrome is really fast so it loads pages fast and other stuff. Secondly it’s much easier to use then other browsers. This is just my opinion but I may be wrong so just choose the one that u think suits u and ur computer.

The longer you use a browser, the more problems you will get.
So I suggest you can choose one from the browsers you mentioned and keep using it until you encounter problems, then change another one.
I used firefox and chrome, they both worked very well at the beginning, then crash, cannot open webpages… I now I use Avant browser. so far so good, Don’t know how long it will keeps.

I have never had a problem with Firefox over the past 5 years. It is also the easiest to get rid of annoying tool bars.

Chrome is slower on my pc compared to Firefox.

Before I used Firefox and it’s great, I had no problem with it. But later on I ended up downloading Chrome and using that more often.

Safari. I have firefox and chrome in my pc. safari is faster.

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