Do you think that McCain would have chosen Palin for a running mate If Obama had chosen Clinton for his?

Do you think that McCain’s decision to have Palin as his running mate was based on the idea that the competition would be more even if he had a woman running with him for the title of President? Do you think he had always planned on having her for a running mate?

I think that once McCain saw that Obama was not going to run with Clinton, he decided to run with Palin to even out his odds of winning the campaign. I also think that Obama had much higher odds of winning if he had gone with Clinton instead of Biden.

I don’t think so, McCain didn’t seem to know who he was going to pick. I think he wanted to pick Lieberman, but he couldn’t so he chose Palin.

That is a very interesting question. I laughed my &quot:****&quot: off when Palin was chosen…it was sort of an in for face thing for the way Obama treated Hillary. Obama is scared of the Clintons. There is no way he would want to &quot:live&quot: and &quot:deal&quot: with them in the White House. They are so much stronger than he is. And, the Clintons are not happy about this election. It puts Hillary in a great place in 2012. Cheers.

It was McCain’s chance to get some of Hillary’s supporters. But he made a bold, desperate and panicky move to choose Palin. He could have increased his fighting chance if he chose a woman smarter than Palin. And there are lots of very smart women out there.

Hillary did not want the number 2 spot anyway.


I don’t think McCain would have picked Palin if Obama had picked Clinton. I think their strategy was that they hoped to get the Clinton supporters and the far-right republicans — however, I think it back-fired on them. Palin and Clinton are almost opposites, and the far-right republicans have to be worried about Palin’s lack of experience.

Yes I do think it would have improved Obama’s chances if he had selected Clinton instead. Mccain might have still chosen Palin just to try getting some of the women voters who didnt want to vote for clinton and obama. I dont think he knew who he was choosing until after obama chose, he didnt even vet Palin properly. Total lack of judgment.

I even have continuously reported that his conceitedness could be his downfall nevertheless i’m not confident his chosing Clinton could have made a distinction. the numerous disenfranchised Democrats are truly disillusioned with the widespread technique and his loss of venture or appreciate for the regulations or the 18 million plus Clinton voters! We as many others have registered self sufficient and could be casting our vote for McCain and Palin.

Not a chance he would have picked Palin if Clinton or even another woman had been picked.

I doubt he planned it. Seems he just met her.

I believe he is trying to get the Hillary supporters.

He might have chosen Sarah even if Hillary had been selected so that he too would have a historical ticket 2008.

Who knows. Hillary would never run with Obama though because she wants to run in 2012. She would not be able to do this if she ran on the ticket with Obama.

I think McCain chose her because he needed a minority on his ticket to make both sides &quot:equal&quot:. Frankly, I’d rather have Joe Biden, but, we can’t have everything we want, can we?

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