What are the pros and cons of current issues like universal healthcare, same sex marriage?

I am a teen and I really don’t know anything about current problems at all. I want to know more about them and the pros and cons of the issues.

1. Universal healthcare—-What are pros and cons? why is it such a big problem? how can it be fixed? where would the money come from?

2. Offshore-oil drilling—- What is it? what are pros and cons? why is it such a big problem?

3. Same-sex marriage—–What are pros and cons? why is it such a big problem? is it really just a religious issue? What should be done about it?

4. School voucher things—–Tell me about them and what they are used for. Pros and cons?

5. Privatization of social security—— First, what is social security? what is PRIVATIZATION of social security? Pros and cons?

6. The Patriot Act (govt. phone tapping)—-What is it used for? Pros and Cons?

7. Why are gas prices going up?

You have asked a really big question. Let me try to shed some light on these issues (at least from my viewpoint).

1. Universal Health Care – The big problem today is the cost of health care and health insurance. Most people get insurance from their employers but part time employees and self employed aren’t eligible. This leaves some people without insurance due to the cost of private insurance. Pros – Everyone would have health care regardless of income or ability to pay. Government would control costs paid to doctors, hospitals, and drug companies. Costs to individuals would be reduced. Cons – Government run programs seldom work as well as privately run programs due to red tape and inefficiency. Long waits at hospitals and doctors would be common. Government would determine priorities for peoples medical needs. My solution – Reduce costs by limiting medical malpractice lawsuits to actual damages. This will lower the doctor’s and hospital’s medical insurance and lower medical costs. In turn, health insurance prices should also decrease. The FDA should reduce the burden on drug companies to bring new drugs to market. One method is using overseas testing data to allow introduction of new drugs instead of requiring new testing. This would reduce costs for prescription drugs which is about 75% testing costs.

2. Offshore drilling – This is the drilling for oil in the waters off the costs of the US. Pros – domestic oil supply would be produced instead of importing from other countries. Cons – the downside is environmental concerns. Most of the areas that are good for drilling would also have negative environmental impacts especially in the event of an oil spill.

3. Same-sex marriage – Pros – Gay couples could marry and their partners would receive all the legal benefits that heterosexual married couples receive. Cons – The most common argument against it is that it will deteriorate the concept of marriage and therefore harm the traditional family. I don’t think of it as a religious issue but a traditional issue.

4. School vouchers – are government vouchers that would allow parents to send their children to any school, private or public, and the government would pay that school the funds they currently pay to public schools. Pros – many children would get a better education than they currently get in public schools. Cons – Inner city public schools would likely deteriorate further. Public money would be paid to private schools many of which are religious (separation of church and state).

5. Privitization of social security – Social secutity is a government program started in the 1930s by Franklin Roosevelt to help people during the depression years. Everyone that works pays a percentage of their pay to the social security fund. This money is supposed to protect them in case of permanent disability or help the family in the event of primary earner’s death. It also pays out as retirement to those who are older.The social security fund currently pays more money out than it takes in. This is in part because of the number of &quot:baby boomers&quot: reaching retirement age and part because of poor management by the government. Their are two types of privitization of social security. One is just to allow a private company to run the program. The second is to allow each individual to &quot:manage&quot: some or all of their funds as they desire. Pros – it would take the government out of the retirement fund business. Each individual would be responsible for their own retirement funds. Cons – Many people don’t save so wouldn’t ever be able to retire. Privitization of the whole system would mean reduced benefits.

6. Patriot Act – The intent is to allow government agencies like the CIA to tap phone lines and e-mail accounts of people suspected of terrorist connections. It was started as a reaction to 9/11. Pros – The wire-tapping could prevent a terrorist attack. Cons – Oversight is limited and secretive. No one really knows who is being watched.

7. Gas prices are going up mostly driven by speculation of what might happen. Some of the factors include increased use of oil by China and India, fear of increased hostilities in the Middle East, and fear of impact due to global warming iniciatives around the world.

8. Illegal immigration – Whether a person believes they help or hurt the country determines what they believe should be done about them. Pros – they help because they tend to do lower paying jobs for little money. This keeps prices of some goods lower than they would be otherwise. Cons – Many state pay welfare, free education, free health care and other benefits for illegal immigrants putting a strain on these resources for citizens. Money is being sent back to home countries which has a negative effect on the US economy. Illegal immigrants work for little pay thus keeping the wages in some industries lower. Illegal immigrants take also take jobs from legal workers (not all are picking fruit). Final thought – The US has always been a country that has welcomed immigrants (remember the Statue of Liberty). The biggest issue is that it takes too long to legally immigrate. Immigrants are necessary but the current rules make it easier to come illegally.

Biblically, homosexuality is a sin. but i’m not saying that being a homosexual is a sin itself. what really is really considered to be a sin is that executing acts of homosexuality such as lusting and having sex with your own kind. i myself don’t agree with the idea of SSM. marriage is a sacred ritual wherein two people joins together to form a family and a family is not called a family without a child or children produced from their own. i may sound a hypocrite to you but this is the truth. we are just humans. humans are not created to indulge in sinful acts and act as what we wanted how. as stated in the bible, humans are entrusted by God to be the caretakers of his creation and we are to worship and love Him and follow His teachings. Because of the rapid modernization of the humanity’s civilization, the way how most of the people thinks is now influenced by different factors. you people who are currently reading this is now probably very pissed, annoyed and angry at me. now, look at your own self and meditate, why are you angry? is it just because i’m opposing your ideals? probably not just that. because unconsciously, deep within you, you know that i am right. you’d better think again for yourself, someday you will leave your body. that is definite though when that would be is not. now, where will you go when you die? it’s just either of the two: to His side where an eternal life and solemnity and peace is awaiting or to Satan’s realm where you’ll be tortured eternally without being given the escape route of dying and then it’s when you’ll regret denying His existence, denying Religion and denying Bible. i have already experienced leaving my body which you could call as a near death experience. and it is when i have appreciated my life. The most concrete Cons of SSM is found in the Bible. Those who speaks ill of Him, have you already read the Bible? probably not. 🙁 .

there is nothing the same about those 2 things they have nothing to do with each other

You’re asking way too many questions for your 5 points…LOL

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