Am I the Oprah of Yahoo since I’m so genuine, caring, sincere and I also give out many points to the needy?

so does this mean you know…. That we’re going to AUSTRALLLLLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII…

That seems about right than 🙂

I’m Jay-Z of Yahoo. I’m the King, I’m rich in points, and retired many times only to comeback the next day lol

You’re absolutely the Oprah of Y!A because you felt the need to tell everyone on here that you do those things.

You aren’t Oprah unless Tom cruise has jumped on your couch.

Oprah has an account.

I Concur

Yeah, and i’m the Drake of Yahoo

Lol..I’ll take the new Dodge Durango:)

well i need a few points right now if you dont mind cough cough 5 points is all

you can’t self appoint your self as oprah, that’s everyone Else’s job

o please help yahoo oprah, i only have 800 points, i am 5,000 points in debt and if i don’t get some soon theyll foreclose my account!

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