Why do people think if they can photoshop something, they can put it on deviant art?

Seriously. A photoshopped miely cyrus isn’t art :/

yes it is!

Some people truly believe its an amazing piece of artwork they took time to create. Don’t judge them, it may be the first piece of artwork within Photoshop they created.

Also, some viewers … enjoy photoshopped images? But I agree, photoshopped Whore- Cyrus isn’t art.

Because there aren’t any rules unto what you can upload to Deviant Art.

Photoshop CS4 is the main modern version, yet i’ve got used older ones as nicely, and that they are all notably lots the comparable. attempt doing a seek for common photoshop tutorials on deviantart or google. There are a lot of factors accessible.

Maybe it’s art to them.

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