would u sacrifice ur life for ur lover?

one day i was thinking about and realized…isnt’t sacrificing ur own life for someone else kinda selfish?
i mean, think about, if u die then ur lover is going to mourn your death and you’ll just be sittin there…dead.no emotions. plus, it usually takes a good while for someone to get over the death of their lover. assuming the one that dies, dies fairly painlessly, wouldnt the death be more painful to the person still alive?

I see your point. That is why I think suicide is so ridiculous. I know that my significant other would rather he died then me. But i feel the same in reverse. So you have to ask yourself, would you rather be dead or would you rather mourn the death of your love?

Yea, I think of it as ‘I’m dieing to allow them to live, not to mourn for me to understand that I died for them and that they’ll move on’ for the person I love I’d do anything even the most degrading or horrifying thing possible if thats what they truely want of me, so death is just a small thing if it allows them life

But if you don’t die, and your lover does, won’t you be in the same position? Won’t you be mourning for the death of your lover if you don’t save him or her?

I’d sacrifice my life for the man I love, just so he won’t have to go through physical pain-physical pain is just as bad as emotional pain, and I wouldn’t want his friends or family to suffer either.

good point.
it could be selfish either ways.
i had a boyfriend die a few months ago. and the phrase &quot:you dont know what you got til its gone&quot: is defintely true. and if i could go back i would defintely tell god to take me instead of him, since he suffered from lung complications, and the last few months of his life were pure pain. id rather all that for me then him.

That would depend on who the lover was and JUST HOW MUCH we loved. That is a hard one.

I’f you were TRUELY in love, than you guys couldn’t stand to be apart, and your lover would probably kill themselves. Group suicide like Hitler/Braun for the win.

no I would not my children yes in a heratbeat but not just a lover

yes i would sacrifice my life for my lover only if he is ready to do the same thing for me.If he is ready this means he is proving how much he loves me.

I would take a bullet for my significant other (assuming I had one)… But I would KILL for my child. Two VERY different kinds of love.

Yes I would

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