Why is everyone so &quot:fake&quot:?

everyone has fake personalities..It’s like everyone is an actor if ya know what I mean

I think theres a limit in the &quot:fakeness&quot: of ppl…

If its amongst friends, then i believe that is immature and pathetic…

but when it comes to the working environment… you have no choice but to act that way because you have no choice but to try and get along…

Even though you know that person is pretending to be nice… but if u think about it…. sometimes its a better feeling than that person giving you an extreme hard time everyday.

Many people are very afraid to be REAL around others. They’ve been hurt too often. I know I have. So people put on &quot:fake&quot: personalities to look strong, hip, cool, and together because that’s what they want you to think about them. My belief is that the more insecure a person is the more fake they need to be (as they see it) and the MORE secure a person is the more relaxed, real, and open (non-fake) they will seem to you.
I became a therapist as an adult and now I mostly see wounded people. I try to help them come out of their shell, heal from their pain, and show them that their true self is just fine the way it is. In fact it’s beautiful.
Stay away from the &quot:fake&quot: people. They’ll only hurt you in the end. Gravitate to the more &quot:real&quot: people, even if their not the coolest or most popular.

Not everyone is fake in this world. But yes there are people that is fake. It’s something you need to get used to as it looks like you had some clash with a fake person you met? (I’m just guessing)

not everyone. there are still some real ones here and there.

I think it comes from people putting their real self out there then getting hurt by the fake people.

TV is also to blame a lot. Everyone wants to pretend they are some rockstar and they are so great. People act like they are super popular and don’t have time to answer your phonecall or they treat you like an inferior just because they saw some dumb slut like Paris Hilton act like that on TV.

Just keep being yourself. They are all pathetic little desparate spoiled turds.

Well! because people are too judgemental and very few accept others for who they really are. It is also easy at times to be fake than to be genuine if one wants to fit in or feel apart of. Personally though, I dont like people who are fake, because they cannot be trusted at all, as they are never being honest.

Unfortunately we live in a society that addicted itself, if not, overdosed on superficiality. For example, the entertainment industry has created a fantasy fulfilled with false promises and deceitful hopes. Because of this, the consumers try to live up to these standards–only to be disappointed from the effects of an identity crisis.

We are not living in a real world. Real world is that, where we will live after the judgement day.
He, who has lived a real and truthful life will easily lead to the real world.
Till that , we had to live here, a world of fake, liar and meanful people.
Its up to you,
What do u want…….
You want to join them OR lead your own team

nobody is &quot:fake&quot: they just adapt to their surroundings.

hence, skaters becoming athletes, nerds becoming rebellious, etc.

it is just what they are around the accidentally pick up habits and thats what they become. dont be so harsh, this is beginning steps to find their true self. maybe you should relax a bit, and let them try to find their true self. you dont get it right the first time. im sure people think the same thing about you, but you just dont realize it. have you changed?

this is not accounted for the liars of the world. those people are dumb. i hate liars. those people do anything to swindle you. ehhhhhhh

It seems to me that everyone is trying to impress everyone else. Even when people say &quot:I don’t care what others think&quot: when you say that you DO care because you want the ears that hear that to think a certain way about you

yes i know what ya mean. and think everyone what to be .that make me ,you act as intention will want. it&quot:s aesy to live some situation when you fake your personnalities.

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