Which past president really cared about America?

Which past president (or candidate, eg huckabee, Ron Paul, Gore etc) really cared about America, its values, its future, MORE THAN fame and power, or some perso issue?

I hear Obama cares more about minority rights than America
I hear Bush cares more about big oil than America
Why are we not electing the right people who truly care about the best for the country as a whole?

I have never met a President so it is difficult to say. If you study the history of former Presidents they all had one thing in common. They underestimated how difficult the job is. Most if not all of them did not feel they were successful in achieving the goals they set when entering the White House.

A good percentage actually despised the job.

I believe most of them want what is best for the country. Their methods and policies differ but the goal is the same.

BTW Don’t believe everything you hear. For example, Bush failed in the oil business. He did however make a good deal of money and popularity in the business of major league baseball.

Why don’t they say &quot:All he cares about is Big Baseball&quot:

Saying he is part of &quot:Big Oil&quot: helps to demonize him.

There is something called logic.

There is something called ‘believing in something for a reason’.

There is something called ‘defining your terms’. And ‘evidence’.

There is something called ‘falsifiable evidence’.

Your question is not defined, you have no evidence, and even if you had all that, your asking non-falsifiable questions. We can’t open people’s minds and find out how patriotic, religious, they really are. We have to go only on their behavior.

Now, most people here have no knowledge whatsoever what presidents have done. Seriously. But at least talk about someone’s behavior, not their intentions. State that giving tax breaks for millionaires and oil companies and borrowing the money from the Chinese is evidence of being a traitor, and I will agree with you, and we can say Bush hates this country.

Ron Paul.

That is why he’d make a good president. He’d back OUT the executive power being unconstitutionally used.

and unlike Obama, he has an actual record showing he does what he says – including against the Patriot act, FISA the Iraq war the bailouts….

I felt Nixon did. I also felt that Kennedy did, despite the political ambitions of his father. I have always felt Goldwater did. I think McCain did. I also felt Truman did a lot more than most others thought it or think it. Theodore Roosevelt did as well.

I do not think Johnson did. Nor Carter. I have deep reservations about Obama. And I think Clinton was in it for the power and the money. Which is self evident from his fundraising efforts when in power, and his side-businesses and lobbying when he left office.

Obama truly cares about all Americans. my God get your facts straight before you make such statements. Lincoln,Kennedy and FDR to name a few truly did care about our country. I left out Reagan as well. by the way, it is a fact that these four Presidents happen to be leaders that Obama looks up to and happens to refer to thier great leadership often as guidance to be the best President for all Americans. Obama even posesses some of the traits,values and love of his country as much as these four great Presidents who served our country before him. the bottom line is this: Obama cares and loves this country just as much as Lincoln,FDR,Kennedy and Reagan.

Carter but he wasn’t a very good president

Reagan didn’t care about the people of this country he cared about the businesses. Look at what he did to the air traffic controllers. I think that it’s a bunch of crap that they named an airport after that man.

Christian or no longer, wealthy human beings dislike giving extra beneficial than a tiny element of their riches away. that’s in contrast to they are all St. Francis prepared to offer the shirts on their backs. Their argument is that if those undesirable human beings could in basic terms artwork extra stable, they could pay the outrageous coverage expenditures. those are the comparable people who could advise if the Social protection software could fail that those lazy ninety-year-olds could in simple terms get accessible and commence digging ditches.

I generally assume that all the candidates really do care about America. They just have different ideas about what’s best for the country.

Obama is a socialist who only cares about authoritarian power to make everyone bend to the will of the government elitists. For instance, he would never put his own kids in a public school. But he sure as hell won’t let anyone else have the choice of what school to put their own kids in by way of a voucher. Obama equals tyranny.

George McGovern.

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