When you go to a nascar race, what’s the first thing you’ve got to do when you get there?

for me, it’s go by the t-shirt and diecast stand, and get a few (Lots of) things.

Kick back and have a few Ice cold Miller Lites!

I hit vendors row to get souvenirs, play games and lastly get free goodies. last time we went my wife and I hit every Skoal, Kodiak, Grizzly and old spice trailer and tent there was ..lol.. I got enough free deodorant and chewing tobacco to last me months. Also got a bunch of free cigars, sharpies and carpenter pencils amongst other things. After that we get a bite to eat and then wander around until things start to get going on the track. Oh forgot we rent scanners too.

Merchandise, bathroom, food and spirits, find my seat, eat quick, and reach up there and grab that belt, pull it real tight one more time. All that noise power making my seat rumble. Ain’t it cool?

Rent a scanner

Put on my jean shorts because thats the only place i dont get made fun of.

Find the nearest bathroom.

get out of my car
buy merchandise and then rent a scanner

I have never been to one, but I would find my seat, I think

That’s easy! SMILE!

to the bathroom.

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