What percentage of what Israel tells do you think is true?

Israel always has a story about how murderous Palestinians are, and how peace-loving people they are (only when they accept they are people named Palestinians). And no matter what proofs you bring to them, they call you anti-semitic, change the subject, or verbally attack you.

But now when I have read their answers regarding the questions about how Sarkozy and Obama agreeing that Netanyahu is a liar… In their answers, they confirm that Netanyahu is a liar, giving the reason that politicians are liars, and he is a politician.

So, according to Israelis (also Zionists) politics are all about lies, and politicians are liars. And that’s why I am wondering what percentage of what Israeli politics tell about the whole Palestinian-Israeli issue to the world is, but lie?

This latest mishegus is just more proof that Obama is Muslim and does not have Israel’s best interests at heart!!!!

We need to distance ourselves from USA! They are a sinking ship…we need to put Jews first!

So, a grand total of (how many really?) pro Israel people think that Netanyahu is a liar and/or politicians are liars and you think that means anything?

For the record, I’ve heard MANY people say politicians in general are liars in ANY country.

Therefore what does that really mean?

I think you have demonstrated the illogic of your position when you say:
&quot:I am wondering what percentage of what Israeli politics tell about the whole Palestinian-Israeli issue to the world is, but lie?&quot:
Because this is predicated on the assumption that all of our information exclusively comes through the statements of politicians.
Since that is obviously not the case, then your whole point is meaningless.

Dee wrote: &quot:The reason why some politicians called liars in another countries is because those politicians do not honor pre-election promises, but the reason why Netanyahu called a liar is not about broken election promises.&quot:

Ah yes, the typical, &quot:yes, its the same in other places, but Israel is still different&quot:, two step.
First of all, while it is typical that ONE of the reasons (and possibly the main reason) people label politicians as liars is due to broken promises, it is not the only reason. To give an infamous example: Bob Kerry once labeled Bill Clinton as an &quot:unusually good liar&quot: and I don’t think he only meant his broken campaign promises.
Secondly, your premise was based on the fact that a FEW pro Israel people called Netanyahu a liar. But again, you don’t know the reason WHY THEY considered Netanyahu a liar. Perhaps it was the same reason that everyone else has. Perhaps it was a different reaosn. For that matter, we don’t know why Sarkozy called him that either.
That being the case, all this boils down to is that not only YOU think Netanyahu is a liar, but you also project YOUR anti Israel viewpoints into that aspect. But that’s merely YOUR opinion.

If you want to label me Anti-Semitic that is acceptable but truth is that No body Trust Israel except Zionist. It is the Zionist lobby that is injecting poison into brains of people.

They have a track record of lies and deceptions
they have double standards

1. Israel can keep Nuclear weapons but Iran can’t
2. Israel killing Palestinians but she is not a terrorist
3. Palestinians defend themselves but Terrorist according to Israel and Pro Israel Countries
4. Israel can occupy Palestine and it legal according to them
5. But Palestinians the native people should not be recognized according to Israel.

dear dee ,You are the best tall story teller on the internet.
You have the most fantastic ability to use innuendo,to support your views.You glibly overlook the violent nature of Arab behaviour,from Syria to Yeman,and from Egypt to Libya.You compare civilized, democratic
Israel to people that brought bloodshed to the World,and you deny that you are Antisemitic.
You distort the words that President Obama replied to Sarkozi,and claim that he agreed with the latter’s
comment about Prime Minister Netanyahu.Either you were not listening to the Israeli audio clip,or you had a problem with understanding it.I together with millions,heard it on BBC and it does not support your claim.
I do not suggest you are a liar,as you claim so many people are.
I am of the opinion that you would have turned the BBC item off the moment you heard that it came from
the &quot:Zionist Entity&quot:.Obviously to protect your sensitive feelings from being offended by their intrususion on the Propalestinian air waves which always give the truth.such as the new Palestinian discovery that there never was an Infidel Zionist Temple in El Kuds.
Yet you repeat the word &quot:lies &quot: obsessionally six times in your three short paragraphs.I wonder why?

as a results of fact not all people who might have money are inspired via money on my own. a lot of them have (gasp!) a feeling of right and incorrect. And if maximum Jews rejected Bush in ’00 and ’04, that reconfirms their intelligence. you’re patently not qualified to decide what constitutes an &quot:abberation&quot: for a nicely-knowledgeable man or woman.

The information I have about the conflict mostly does not come from the politicians. But if it came, I should filter it, like if it comes from Shalom Akhsav, Yesh Gvul and other groups generously funded by arabs, I should take about 99% of the information they give as false and biased.
If the information comes from such politicians as Mohammed Barakeh or Akhmed Tibi, I should not believe a word they say: arab politicians have the reputation of being the first-rate liars, and they deserve it.

With the information coming from other open sources, the rules are as usual: check the reputation of the source, check if other sources with good reputation and from different countries confirm the information, look what the enemies say ( often a denial contains more information than the original article) – and then make conclusions.

It depends on the source,but Israeli politicians aren’t exactly renowned for their probity.

And if Mark Regev told me the sun was shining I’d have to look out of a window before I believed him.

it depends on what you refer by &quot:Israel&quot:,
Netanyahu , layer or not, is the prime minister of Israel not &quot:Israel&quot:.

and since you are referring to people and not territory, Israel is the people which has thousands of different voices. If you want to approach the truth you will have to do the effort to hear most of them an not only those ones who much your opinions.

by the way , if all politicians are liars and since Sarkozy is also a politician, so he must be liyng about Nethaniau being a liar…..

To cut it short, Israelis are the masters of deception. It is part of their culture allover their history to lie and mislead .
Crocodile tears is the name of the game they play.
I am not telling anything new, go and examine what was said about them since they were invented. Do not tell me that the whole world is wrong judging them that way. They had been always liars.
This is not antisemitism, they are historical facts learned from history allover the world.

Zionists are professional liars, they learned this trait from their Talmud, it permits them to lie to goyim as long as it will serve its purpose, even if the lies involving putting their enemies to war for profiteering or trying to steal more land.

Well, pro-Palestinians always have a &quot:story&quot: of how murderous the Israelis are.

Really, I find your demonization to be crude, offensive, and pretty much off center. And, no, we don’t resort to calling people anti-Semitic when people disagree with us. That word is used far more by the anti-Israeli side than the pro one, I think, at least as seen by my observations here.

And, really, I have to say that in the past few days I’ve seen a lot of anti-Israel posters completely ignore or not answer some questions, so I have to say that maybe you are only perceiving what you want to see, since I count the opposite as of late.

Now, I’ve always said that politicians are liars. The Netanyahu affair hasn’t changed that. Politics is about lies, more often than most people want to admit, and the entire business is shady. That includes Palestinian ones, btw, where I quantify many of the Palestinian ones the worst, but if you notice I’m not differentiating that from normal politics.

Now, I wonder what you are quantifying as politics, but the claims that most pro-Israeli posters here aren’t lies. Mostly, because we aren’t politicians. Not that you believe us, if you previous answers are anything to note, but it’s worth it to mention.

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