Twilight books or Harry Potter books ?

I way prefer the Harry Potter books ! They are the best books ever !!!!!!
I dont really think the twilight books are that good !

I enjoyed Harry Potter more. I grew up with it so it’s a part of my childhood while Twilight isn’t.
I half agree with you, I don’t think Twilight books are that good but mainly because it’s supposed to be like a regular high school book only with vampires, but it’s not realistic at all, when it seems like it should be.

I love Twilight but the books just went from Twilight-brilliant to Breaking Dawn-horrible.

But the Harry Potter books where just amazing from the 1st book to the last book.

So Harry Potter books.

thgere both brill books but harry potter is gettin just a lil bit old for some people twilight is good but i dont like the second book as much as the 1st and harry potter does get a lil to descriptive at times

Harry Potter. They’re more interest, original, and in-pulling than Twilight.

And I still like Twilight.


Harry P. and Twilight are the best.

Though I have yet to read Twilight, nothing will ever top Harry Potter for me!

I love twilight way better!!! Harry Potter is just plain stupid!! But that’s just my opinion

i prefer the harry potter books

I like both but prefer Harry Potter. There’s more depth to them. I dunno, I’ve read the Twilight books 3 times (breaking dawn only twice) and my feelings for them have sort of dimmed

hp is more for kids
twilight is for teens/adults as it involves the whole romance between bella and edward

me? ummm twilight and hp are both good.. haha not sure aye, hp movies are crap, and twilight one looks like crap. anywho i got to finish off twilight series nearly done 3rd, so i cant make a judgement yet 🙂

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