Who should we blame for the economy (Republicans/Democrats/George Bush/or Hussein Obama?

First, we had a massive housing bubble created when the government (democrats in particular) thought it was a smart idea to…..back all the home loans throughout the country (fannie mae and freddie mac).

Now we’re in a massive government bubble, and when it collapses our currency collapses.

I think its fair to blame the entire economic disaster we have on our hands on the Democrats and Hussein Obama. Whats your opinion?

You can blame all of them or none of them it makes no difference because this is what those of the &quot:power elite&quot: want you to believe. Their top level organization is the Illuminati who control what goes on through out the USA and the world. Two of their main sub groups in the USA are the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilateral Commission (TC) These are the visible groups of the &quot:shadow government&quot:.
Attached is an article that if read you will begin to understand who really controls the government of the USA and why. You will learn that everything going on with the government and much more is all planned with one goal in mind: to create a one world government and enslaving and reducing the population by more than 500 million people. If you read the attached information and do more looking on your own you will understand why things are such as they are. The USA has no money, all the currency used in the USA belongs to the Federal Reserve Corporation who can cancel the currency at any time they desire.
Here is the web site: http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/har…

Human stupidity and the 2 party system…………………

Bush and his failed policies of massive deregulation and spending

bush GOP

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