who contributed the most to tthe victory in world war two after russia #1 and united states #2? ithink uk you?

The Russians lost more than 20,000,000 to the Germans in total. Stalin had asked for a Western Front for at least two years before we landed in Normandy France on 6 June 1944. Consider if you will that the end of the war in Europe would not have been possible without the Western Front (nor the Russians continued persistence in the East). In terms of materiel alone the West (specifically the U.S.) contributed more than any nation – the Russian battle plan was essentially to “throw” people at the German positions, yes – they still had to have guns, tanks, air planes, etc., however, their greatest strength in holding the Germans at bay and keeping them out of Moscow was the “sheer numbers” of people that they threw at entrenched enemy positions.

British and American Army Air Forces dropped more than 1.4 million tons of bombs on German targets: nearly 1.2 million of these were dropped in the last year of the war (June 1944 – May 1945). Your question poses a thought as to why the Allies won and who is likely to have placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. among them: however, consider first “why did it take so long for the Germans to lose?”

I am going to challenge you to read a book (640 pages) that looks at both the good and bad consequences of the war on both sides of the fighting line. Read Max Hastings “Armageddon – The Battle for Germany 1944-1945” ISBN 0375144339. Since you have an interest in the topic I would strongly recommend first that you read this book. Had the Allies kept to their plan “Home by Christmas 1944” a little girl by the name of Anne Frank would have lived to see her 13th birthday. The Allies intent was pure, but the Germans refused to capitulate. A good movie on this topic is “Downfall” follow link to http://www.downfallthefilm.com/ rent or buy the movie AFTER you read the book.


The UK and Russia were attacked, and each suffered the greatest in the war (along with the AXIS states). The war could not have been won without the US entering the war when it did, or supplying the UK and Russia with intelligence and supplies before it officially entered the war.

Russia in desperation, mobilized the whole country, and had the most men and equipment deployed. They would however have lost the war had the US not entered the war and shifted German resources to the western front.

So, overall, the US contributed the most with Russia being #2 and the UK being number 3.

If we looked at this from a proportionate basis, the UK and Russia contributed the most as a percentage of their GNP and population, and the US would have been 3rd.

Well the UK and Russia hung on years before the Americans even got off their butts, I would say although the US put the Allies in the position to win that Russia and the UK suffered the most yet still persevered so

Russia #1
UK #2 (close second)
United states #3

Yes the united states made it possible to win, but without Russia and the UK the allies would have lost as well,

I think we always assume the War started with Pearl Harbor…It Didn’t

Your answer is plausible, but the war wasn’t just a thing of manpower and casualties.

If Britain had failed to survive, or made peace, in 1940 (When America was at peace, and Russia a German asssociate, if not ally) the whole war was probably Germany’s.

Less lend-lease, fewer troops needed in France and Africa, and an earlier start to Barbarossa (no British in Greece) could easily have given a faster advance, and Moscow falling into German hands before winter set in. What then would America have done?

Without the the industry and manpower of America and Russia the war could not have been won. Without Britain it would almost certainly have been lost.

I think the contribution is the wrong way to look at it. Everyone contributed. US, UK, Russia, China, Phillipines Australia, Canada,

You should ask who lost the most contributing.
1. Russia
2. US
3. England
4. China

Lets not forget 1 in 10 Germans perrished.

UK – no question
Here are some interesting tit bits
After promising his best friend Stalin, against advice from Churchill, FDR gave orders to Patton, to wait with the western allies on the Rhine, until the Russian Army had raped and burned all of Eastern Europe up to Berlin.
Countries like Hungary, Romania, Polen, East Germany where enslaved by Stalin, with FDR drooling happily over his best friends brutal antics.
So, the cold war was guaranteed for 45 years, with endless build up of ever powerful weapons.
Oh happy days gone by, for the Pentagon and the British Secret Service, who now have to create fantasy enemies, to justify their existence.

worldwide conflict 2 began with Germany executing &quot:Fall Weiss&quot: (the White Plan) and invading Poland. the united statesformally entered the conflict on December 8, 1941 whilst the Congress exceeded a decision, under the authority granted it by Article One section 8 of the form certifying that by fact the unprovoked attack upon our forces in the Territory of Hawaii on December 7, 1941 a state of conflict had existed between the U.S. and the Empire of Japan. On December 9, 1941 the German Reichstag exceeded a decision certifying that Germany develop into putting forward conflict on the U.S. Germany did that by fact it develop into an best buddy of Japan in the Tri-Partite p.c.., additionally comprehend by fact the Axis. The 0.33 u . s . in that p.c.. develop into Italy.

I think the UK deserves higher billing, because (1) the determination of the RAF kept the Luftwaffe weak, and (2) the physical location made it possible to stage allied landing forces into Europe.

Without US and UK help, the USSR would have folded quickly. Until their industrial systems could be brought up to speed they were using US and UK aircraft and armor. After all, the USSR was attacked by surprise when they were allied with Germany…so quickly that Soviet trade goods were on trains headed west passing German troops on trains headed east.

So for me it is US, UK, USSR.

Definitely UK. Or Italy, when they were still allied with Germany lol

You might want to reverse Russian and the US, but yes, the UK was third.

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