Is Donald trump not beliving in Global warming bad? esspecially if he comes to presidency?

It means the resources will run out and we will literally die faster? if he scraps america agreement with for the global warming community?

The Paris Agreement on global warming would only reduce global warming by a few ten tenths of a degree. Global warming will continue, whether it is implemented or not. Global warming will continue no matter what Donald Trump does, because the US is only a small part of global emissions, about 1/7, when scientists are saying a 90 percent cut is required.

I don’t think anyone knows what Donald Trump believes–not even Donald Trump. He is more interested in what people think of him.

If the unthinkable happens and the United States elects Donald Trump, I believe there will be much more immediate problems facing the country, such as the threat of nuclear war or the country turning into another Nazi Germany.

Socialist/environmentalist propaganda! We’re not running out of resources! Food production has never been higher with very little (if any) damage to the ecosystems. We’re getting better at maintaining Earth’s environment. NOT worse!

&quot:GLOBAL WARMING&quot: is based upon many scientific conjectures and innuendos. Global warming scientists are inherently Pro-Socialists. They depend on BIG GOVERNMENT to pay for their investigative processes. There have been many upstart independent businesses that have evolved into the general marketplace from the fear of Global Warming, but these companies also rely on BIG GOVERNMENT/Socialist scientists maintaining their &quot:Global Warming Propaganda March&quot: in order to keep their income flowing towards their business needs.

Trump’s intentions are simply to ‘help people help themselves’ by creating more opportunities to all Americans. People who keep busy doing the things that help themselves (a simple concept called &quot:WORK&quot:) and their families live a better life. The current &quot:Global Warming Socialist Propaganda Program&quot: only encourages people to do nothing except what the Government tells them that they can and can’t do.

Hillary Clinton is nothing more than a BIG GOVERNMENT ELITIST. She has done nothing but talk for $250,000 per speech. She has never said anything (that I have heard) worth that much money. She can only offer BIG GOVERNMENT influence to BIG GOVERNMENT seekers.

She was flat broke and in debt in 2008. In less than 7 years (4 of those were as Secretary of State) she is worth over $200,000,000? Just because she can talk about nothing but Socialism? Anyone who votes for her has absolutely no clue how crooked she really has been for the past 7 years. &quot:Immunity&quot: for all of her cohorts so she doesn’t have her $$$ scheme divulged. She has never built one thing in her life except distrust. Bill Clinton is complicit in their BIG GOVERNMENT SCAM. It’s all about $$$ to them. &quot:Global Warming&quot: is just another BIG $$$ avenue for them.

I am not worried about Donald Trump, I am worried about the low lives who cheer him on.

To clarify:

According to Donald Trump Junior (who was in charge of vetting the potential vice presidents) Donald trump’s vice president will be the one in charge of both domestic and foreign policy.

Donald trump is a bully and a bigot, he is openly racist and sexist and his followers cheer him on whenever he makes his outrageous statements.

(I am not voting for Donald Trump, nor Hillary Clinton.)

Edit for David Bwoi

Bullying and bigotry have nothing to do with left or right wing politics, Neither side is immune from that nonsense. But you asked for quotes, so here are two, one racist, one sexist.

“Black guys counting my money! I hate it” –Donald Trump

&quot:Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president I mean, she’s a woman, and I’m not s’posedta say bad things, but really, folks, come on. Are we serious?&quot: –Donald Trump on Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina.

And if you need more proof that this support has more to do with nationalism have a look how the Trump supporters agree with the quotes by Hitler or Mussolini.


The Paris climate agreement was a back slapping affair, but will not actually achieve anything, even if it gets ratified (which is looking doubtful) it was a voluntary agreement with no means on enforcing it.
In terms of reducing CO2 or reducing fossil fuel use it is entirely useless.

Trump does believe in global warming. He is building a wall around his golf course in Ireland because of global warming.

Of course, for as much as Trump cares about the rest of us, he may as well not believe in global waming.

Ignoring a problem won’t make it go away. Especially since many critical resources are dependent upon the environment, such as agriculture. We can’t eat oil or cars.

When three of the four largest CO2 emitters- China, India, and Russia- have no intention of actually reducing their emissions, it is pointless for us to unilaterally reduce ours.

BTW, we have enough fossil fuel in the Western Hemisphere to last us 100 years.

No, it is not bad.
It would make no difference.

No one has the power to make a significant change in the part of global warming caused by humans.

Actually it’s one of his best points.

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