If I’m going to Hell for not believing in God, where’s the incentive for me to stop sinning?

Seriously. Why do religious people constantly harp on atheists about our immoral lifestyle? Isn’t it a moot point to begin with? If we don’t believe in god, no amount of good deeds or clean living is going get us into Heaven.

I’m not saying it’s a license to go out and do whatever, I’m just saying why even bring it up if by simply not believing in god we are doomed to Hell anyway?

Wouldn’t your religion be better served by valuing a good person, rather than only valuing the worship of some entity?

The problem wtih religious people is that they see themselves as the only people who have &quot:morality&quot: because only they read the Bible and understand the &quot:Bibles&quot: (God’s) definition of &quot:sin.&quot:

You do not need a religion to determine that it is wrong to steal, murder, rape, kidnap, make fun of others, etc. Theists beleive that without God, humanity would not know what &quot:sin&quot: was. That is of course totally wrong. All people need is common sense to know right from wrong.

&quot:Sin&quot: is a BS concept, a monotheistic one. It is merely a point of view. To American Historians, the Nazi’s were evil, but the 100 million native americans who were slaughtered in a century on the frontier mean nothing to them. My point is, even good and evil are merely points of view. Everyone has a biased opinion on something.

Remember too that the Invisible and non existant look the same. The more educated a culture, the less prone to superstition it is. Religion cannot be successfully used to scare people into a certain form of morality the more educated a culture is.

I probably would, for 2 key reasons. 1. There are too many things considered a sin. Some of them are pathetic. I wouldn’t want to be tied down like that. 2. If there was a God, then if he is as good as people say he is, surely he would let EVERYONE into heaven, regardless. So it doesn’t matter if you have sinned.

You could not stop sinning anyway. We sin until we die. I am a Christian and I sin every day. If I said I did not sin, I would be a liar and lying is a sin. duh! The question is what I do when I sin. I confess it to God and admit that it is sin. Then I ask God to cleanse me and restore to His will. In the absence of this procedure, sin can turn into bondage. If we confess and forsake it God gives us power over it and it does not take control our lives but we all will sin until we die. I have been saved for a long time and God has given me victory over many things that could have become addictions. He also set me free from things that were addictions (ex. smoking). As for being a good person, the Bible says there is none good no not one. We are all sinners, saved and unsaved. If you trust Jesus though you can be forgiven and given victory. There will always be a battle though in this life. Being saved just lets me know that in the end I win because of Jesus.

There is hell right here on earth and sin will take you there because you cannot avoid the consequences of sin. Not in this life and not in the next.
Let’s say your sin is verbal abuse.
You hurt everyone around you. But you can say to yourself that they need to just get over it. The truth is that it will come back to cause you guilt and pain when you send your children off to school and they are also verbally abusive. They suffer from poor self esteem which causes them to be emotionally unstable which causes them to do all kinds of irresponsible things. Those things come back to you.
You look back and regret all the things that YOU DID which could have so easily been changed by you. Then you get to watch them have children who are also treated with disrespect and those are YOUR grandchildren.
This is all hell really is. It’s that inner burning of regret and sorrow when you see the ripple affects very clearly of your sins which you had power to change.
Jesus said, if you don’t believe me at least believe in good works.

If you can’t keep the first most important commandment, Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart might mind and strength…which would cause you to do good…
At least keep the second. Love your neighbor as yourself…doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.

The reason why there is hell to pay for those who do not believe in God does come down to their actions. Belief in God without the goodness it generates is nothing to him. You have to keep the commandments that he has taught. That’s what believing is. It’s doing.

Christ died for you. God sent His son to die on the cross for you, to pay the price you can never pay. He died. He was buried. And He rose and there is a man in Heaven today. Christ was perfect when crucified. He did nothing yet came down, left everything in Heaven, put on the flesh for you and me and everyone else. Does anyone else love you as much as he does?

All you have to do is obey God’s word.
Hear the word.
Believe the word.
Repent of your sins (turn away).
Be baptized for the remission of your sins.
And live a life according to the word of God.

The New Testament is a map to the true church of Christ.
Read study and truly search for truth.

God Love You!!

God is awesome.

Men create things which we marvel at. Can you or any other human being sit in a workshop and create a human being from scratch? (I’m not talking about conception). Do you believe that a blast/ a big bang created human beings who have free will?

Hell isn’t some place you go after you die if you break some rules. Hell is a state of being that we are in right now. And our being there or not has to do with how we live, not what we believe.

On some level the religious people are aware of that. That’s why they focus on people’s lifestyles. It may not be intellectually consistent, but what the hell.

That is a excellent question. Many have been taught that if you don’t believe in God then you will be tormented forever. That is not a Bible teaching. The Bible teaches first that God is love at 1 John 4:8. So a God of love would not make a place such as hell to torment anyone. The teaching of going to hell because you don’t believe in God is not true.

Any worship that we give to the Almighty God, he wants it from the heart. Whatever we do and in all that we do, we need to do it wholeheartedly as to Jehovah. He is very pleased with such service. He is not an ungrateful God. Hebrews 6:10 states “GOD is not unrighteous so as to forget your work and the love you showed for his name, in that you have ministered to the holy ones and continue ministering.”
He is appreciative of all we do: he finds delight in rewarding us, blessing us, giving us gifts. But our service must be sincere, genuine, with our whole heart.

Jehovah God does not force anyone to believe in him or to worship him, he wants our worship to be from the heart.

I value good people and the worship of an entity. I think you should live a moral life because it’s good for you and for society, even though it won’t get you into heaven.

Hi there, these are som good questions

However, from the Islamic point of view, we believe that there are 3 rights

1) The Rights of God (his right in being worshipped in the correct manner
2)The Rights of people (we need to be good to our fellow human being)

3)The Rights of the self (our body has certain rights)

If you do one of these say point 2, then one is neglected God who has created you (assuming one actually believes in God)

Also, what do mean by a good person. These are human standards of values. To a good person, might be a bad person to someone else.

So, we follow the guidance of God his Messengers that have conveyed the message.

to be strait to the point, there is no incentive and even more to the point, you are under no obligation to obey anything god says.

few christians seem to understand this. we are commanded not to stand in the way of those who chose not to seek god or his commandments

your last question is a double edge sword. the valuing of a good person defeats the holiness that the christian is commanded to become through his walk with the lord.

by this i mean, we love one another, and we put value on those around us, both the christian and non-christian because we love Christ.

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