Eligible for Irish citizenship with father born before Dec 1922 in Northern Ireland?

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My father was born in Northern Ireland before 6 December 1922. I was born outside the island of Ireland. My father never made a declaration of his Irish citizenship. He held the UK passport and then became US citizen before I was born. Can I apply for Irish citizenship on the grounds of my ancestry (or other)? Can my children apply?
Any help is highly appreciated. Thank you.

Irish nationality law says ISLAND, it is not restricted to the Republic either before or after partition

The fact your father never laid claim to his right Irish citizenship is neither here nor there he still had the right to it

As the child of an Irish citizen you were automatically an Irish citizen at birth all you need do is apply for a passport but your children as the grandchildren of an Irish citizen must go in the Foreign Births Registry first

If you contact your nearest Irish Embassy they’ll be able to confirm if you have a right to citizenship, they’ll send you the application form for a passport &amp: they’ll be able to point you in the right direction with regard to registering your children on the Foreign Births Register


Irish citizenship law is retrospective and the current provision is that anyone born on the island of Ireland before 31 December 2004 (with no &quot:starting date&quot: – 6 December 1922 is irrelevant) is/was entitled to be an Irish citizen. And anyone born to an Irish citizen (regardless of where in the world) automatically receives that same entitlement.

And, besides that, presumably at least one of your grandparents was also born on the island of Ireland? If so, you can still claim citizenship through them, regardless of your father’s status. You have to undergo a special registration process in that case though, and your Irish citizenship can then be transmitted to your children – but ONLY if they are born AFTER you have registered.

No…………. you can’t decide after the event which you want to be based on a Northern Irish birth of your father….

Your father decided to be British, not Irish, he gave up his nationality to become an American and was an American before you were born and so even though he was British he could have changed it then, he chose not to as many chose and you have no claim as you have never lived on the island of Ireland which is the only way NI can get Irish citizenship and your children do not have a claim either………that goes for British nationality too

Yes. You can apply, as long as your father was born on the island.

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