When did &quot:Liberal&quot: and &quot:Conservative&quot: become hateful words?

I’m a little of both.

As for &quot:liberal&quot: it was when idiots like Rush Limbaugh told all his idiot listeners that it was, and as idiots, they accepted it as fact, and as idiots, went around repeating it.
When did conservative become hateful. Whenever, it’s high time!

Not to point fingers, but it got started back when conservative talk-radio was beginning to become popular, and particularly Rush Limbaugh (there is a reason Al Franken titled his first book what he did).

Then that attitude was picked up by the more hard-line wing of the Republican Party (headed by Newt Gingrich), and they rode it to control of Congress. After that, the liberals (and the Democratic Party) felt that they had to respond in kind, and personal attacks and partisanship took the place of civil debate in the public forum.

And we have been sunk in that cesspool ever since. Cowboy Bill up there is Exhibit &quot:A.&quot:

Atheism isn’t hateful contained in in the slightest degree. that may no longer to declare that there are some atheist who’re hateful, yet many are friendly and accepting of different individuals. unlike most of the optimum religions, atheism is a equipment that could coincide with all religions: monotheistic, polytheistic, nature, or in any different case. In my very own adventure, i’ve got met some Christians who’re downright hateful to human beings of different religions. Being an atheist provides the liberty to have self belief something, with out the limitations of a god or gods/goddess to soothe. Now there are distinctive cases a Christian or a Muslim or a member of (insert faith right here) has felt wronged by an atheist giving his/her very own opinion that’s opposite to their very own and went on line or on some style of media and complained that ‘Atheists are all hateful jerk-offs.’ And on an identical time as some are. maximum are not, in basic terms like in (insert faith right here) there are hateful people who’re greater observed than others.

Only liberals think the word ‘conservative’ is hateful. Everyone KNOWS liberals = marxism.

Don’t they mean the same thing these days? They amount to &quot:I’m right and you are wrong&quot: don’t they?

Just like political parties…

And to correct Yinzer…sorry but I have to. It actually started with the Wigs and the Tories…well before talk radio ever came into play.

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