&quot:All Americans are immigrants&quot:?

The saying goes that all Americans are immigrants, yet an intelligent individual knows that many, I hope, are referring to the Founding Fathers of this nation, since one who is born in the United Sates is a citizen. This is a logical point of view: the Founding Fathers are immigrants to the continent North America, not to the country of the United Sates, as they are the ones that formed this nation. So, any one of their families have a right to be in the country of the United States. When we deport immigrants, usually Hispanics, we don’t ship them out of the continent: they are sent back to their homeland, usually the lower half of North Continent. Now, many will say that the Founding Fathers took the land from the Natives, and that we robbed them from their land. Though this is a sad fact, that is human nature, ergo: competition. Better yet, survival of the fittest. Look at the Aztecs, and how they spread. They had better weaponry, more in numbers, and were better trained. That is why they conquered and won. This is the same for the Founding Fathers. This is the same for the Natives who competed with one another as well. This is human nature that persists up to this day, such as in the Middle East and with tribes in the Amazon Jungle. My rant is not to support the stopping illegal immigration, as I favor immigration to a degree, it must be controlled, and only those with valuable skills should be allowed in, skills that will make this nation better. I digress. My rant was to share my opinion on this saying, as it is rather ignorant, and its foundation is brittle at best. A better saying would be, Americans take their nation for granted, and know nothing of their government, politicians and laws.

the oldest corpse found to date in north america is a euro mummy with red hair so i guess the white man has &quot: who was here first&quot: covered untill carbon dating or other tech. proves otherwise !!!

but yes, the lands of the earth have changed hands over and over again throughout time.

fyi: black women had south americas oldest mummy to date last time I checked, and indians were of asian ancestry

but still, rules are rules and a society without rules is not a society, it is caos

so immigrants should —GET IN LINE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE !!


Only people who can’t trace their ancestors to America by 1765 are still immigrants.

well i for one, know why my mom came to the us…better education. i dunno. she wanted to live here, but honestly i would much rather that she stayed there in mexico or had me in mexico so i would be a citizen and we might be living there. i dont like the east coast. one bit. i feel deprived of my culture and i cling to that. i really wonder what life would be like..

Yes they do, completely agree.

The saying isn’t ignorant–you are. The White people moved here before any rules or laws were established. They IMMIGRATED here, and killed and conquered the NATIVE Americans…. to then produce and overpopulate the country with overweight, white trash offspring… most of whom never graduate college, let alone high school. Not to mention, our school system is failing. Who the h*** are we, thinking we can pick and choose who moves to the country? If we decide to deport all illegal immigrants who don’t have &quot:valuable skills&quot:, then we might as well deport all the stupid White people with no valuable skills.

Minor differences but mostly agree….

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