Is hell scheduled 2 freeze over anytime soon? The Cubs fans are thinking again that this is their year, is it?

Will hell freeze over this year and thusly allow the Chicago Cubs to not hit the 100 year anniversary mark for 100 straight losing seasons?

Of course it’s our year.

This doesn’t seem to be the pratice of just Chicago Cubs fans, but a lot of teams in MLB, they act like every year, that it is a new start a clean slate, and that it will be thier year to finally end thier long drought of not winning the World Series. I don’t know if hell will freeze over, but I can tell you that it will be a sign of gobal warming if the Chicago Cubs does win the World Series in 2008. But we know that something will happen, that will break the hearts of the fans, but it won’t stop them form believing that every year, that will be thier year to win the World Series.

Cubs fans are such a tease. The Royals will win a championship before the Cubs do.

in their hearts cubs fans know better and hell isnt scheduled to freeze until the dophins are respectable football team again

obviously they will not win they are just full of themselves and so are there fans i definately enjoy seeing the cubs have 100 straight losing seasons

-blue jay fan

actually Al Roker said something about hell freezing over on the weather today.

Hey – as Jack Brickhouse used to say

Anyone can have a bad century

Check out what people were saying about the NY Giants last Sept-Oct. You never know.

well i have seen some reallystrange things happen so who knows: i hope they do though as thats a long time for them.Go Cubs.

Hey I love baseball and if or whoever makes it I will be rootin for them.. Who knows they might pulll the rabbit out of the hat..

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