Guys & Girls : Someone average looking with a great personality or someone great looking with ….?

with an average personality?

Well let me tell you. Ill make it straight forward, I’m a very good looking guy and I’ve dated 10 very good looking girls and 1 average looking girl. From all these girls the only one I actually miss is the average looking, girl, even today I can’t stop thinking about her. Her personlaity was perfect and I’d want her rather than the other girls.

At first us guys want the good looking girls but after we get to know them we kind of get turned off. Have a cute happy peronality, that’s what us guys like.

Great Looking Girls

Average looking with a great personality.

Average looking with a great personality.

Someone average looking with a great personality just think about it. Well it matters for teenagers to have a good look and well i love hot guyz also, but when u think
About the more years,,, ahead. You want your partner to love you from heart, respect you. Even Thought they would have different opinions they could know get alonge really well and they would care about each others opinion. Well to put in nutshells, i think some guy could look HOT but may also have sucha awful personality. do you think you could live happily till the end? But in other hand think that this guy maybe isn’t that hot like the first one but he has a very deep heart which has your heart in. He loves you cares about you and your opinions, even if he’s the opposite of that and he respects and supports you till the end. And as they say beauty is inside i mean really beauty comes from heart so he’s more beautiful than the first guy so noww would you date a rude hot guy? Umm I wont :Px

Someone average looking with a great personality.

Think about it.

Once you two are old, you both ugly f*cks.

So may as well get someone you like to be around.

Someone average looking with a great personality.
Honestly i can fall inlove with anyone with the right personality.
I fell for a guy who was chubby, has one broken front tooth(he broke it at our school dance, he tripped and broke his tooth infront of me. He just laughed it off). Well he has a breathing problem so he exhales and inhales loud kind of like darf vader. No even lying, hes extremely popular because of his beautiful personality. I don’t go for looks i go for personality.
It doesn’t mean i don’t check out good looking people, cause i do, and I do tell them they’re good looking, but i don’t go after them, i go after people with good personalities

Average looking – great personality

I had one date with a beauty pageant winner…gorgeous but she was a total air head….couldn’t wait for the date to be over

Whos to say whats a great personality?
whats great to one is average to another….so ill just follow my heart.

Average-looking isn’t bad, really.

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