Do guys think low self=esteem is unattractive?

i have low self esteem, is that bad? I really can’t help how I feel about myself! Most guys just forget about me when they know, i really want them to help me! i just want someone’s attention and someone to make me feel good. Is that bad?

low self esteem is a turn off honestly: but no it’s not bad to want attention. It can be annoying if you act out and make a spectacle of yourself to get it though.

low self esteem is not always a bad thing but at the same time it can be a hindrance to any relationship. The only way that it could be a bad thing is if you were to keep mentioning it or become overly possessivee of guys believing that you will lose them because this will normally put alot of guys off.

There was a great line in the film HITCH that is similar to the situation &quot:they do want to see the real you but not all of it at once&quot: meaning show them all the good side of you and the bad things like low self esteem try and hold it back and once you know them better explain the situation becuase by this point they probably already like you and who knows the self esteem issues may have gone by then.

Believe me when i tell you there are guys who will be sensitive to your emotions and be able to help you with your self esteem issues. The main thing is believing in yourself.

I hope this helps i’m sure you’re a great girl and you may even find someone very soon just stay positive 🙂

I used to be that way. Guys are the ones that actually made me feel bad about myself haha. Well only about 2 or 3. Guys do think it’s unattractive but then there are those guys that will bring up your self esteem because they maybe like you or they just want you to feel better. People tried to make me feel better but it never worked. I didn’t want the attention though. I had bad self esteem until one day I took a good look in the mirror and told myself that I AM beautiful no matter what anyone says.My self esteem has never been higher before.

Having a low self esteem is one of those things you need to deny: even if you have it indeed, try to convince yourself that everything is ok. Secondly, you MUST love yourself before you expect any guy to love or like you. DO NOT tell them how you feel about yourself(low self esteem) that will scare them away.

You are not the only person with a problem, everybody has a least one, but some people know how to not let that bother them as much.

I want you to feel GOOD about yourself when you wake up tomorrow…lie to yourself and say that you don’t have no low self esteem any more and everything is ok now…that lie may or will turn into reality and then no man will leave you anymore.

Be happy for yourself.

Me, I am not the Governor nor the president…I am just a guy(Not rich either) and I am one of the happiest person in the world.

Good luck.

Yes, it is unattractive to an extent. If you have low self esteem and you keep your mouth shut about it/don’t let it eat you up, that’s different than having low self esteem and crying about it and mentioning your flaws all the time almost as if you are fishing for a compliment.

Just think of it on the flip side. If you were dating some guy and he was always saying something negative about him self it would get a little old reassuring him all the time.

Everyone has some little flaw or thing that are insecure about. Don’t worry too much. Love who you are!

Hey. You should look into what is making you have low self-esteem. Is it because you are insecure about something like your looks, skills, achievements, etc? I wouldn’t blatantly say that guys simply wouldn’t like a girl with low esteem. Guys could be attracted to anyone. The only thing is they might couple low esteem with someone who complains and whines all the time. If there’s a way you can prove that you are not one of these types, I’m sure guys would give you more attention. There is nothing wrong with wanting attention. The only wrong thing is if you are looking for this attention, specifically from guys, to validate yourself. Work on you self-esteem and feel good about yourself before wanting others to feel good about you. Hope this helps!

Most guys like independent/confident/outgoing women. I have low self esteem too. But i don’t get that in my way to have fun. And talk to a boy. If you are in school you should take Teen leadership or speech. That really boost my self esteem and confidence. Ever since I’ve taken that class I’m more talkative. I got more friends. And you should give more detail on why your self esteem is so low. Is it your body? or what? Cause that will help a lot for the people that are answering this question.
&lt:3 Joy
-Hope i helped?

Its not wrong to want attention, its something everyone wants in some degree. Low self esteem is definitely not great for you, because everyone should feel at least minimally good about them self. The wrong guys who don’t understand you may shy away, but the ones that are truly worth it will see past it and see whats truly beautiful about you, even if you cant see it. If someone has a crush/loves you enough they will even try there hardest to rid you of these feelings any way they can.
Despite the fact that some men, the right men, wont fault you for it or will help you, but anyone who has feelings for you will deeply wish that your confidence increases so that you will be happy. If you are seeking a relationship I wouldn’t tell them outright that you have self-esteem issues. It may surface, but downplay it with self-esteem-affirming phrases &amp: wait until you are in a comfortable place to notify this person that you have problems so they will understand you better.
In general you should definitely try to boost your self-confidence on your own, as well as from others so you can naturally build it up. Remember these, despite how cliche they may be &quot:you should learn to love yourself so you can properly love someone else&quot: &amp: &quot:The people who mind don’t matter &amp: the people who matter don’t mind&quot: and once you immerse yourself in positive thinking and a healthy relationship, things should begin to improve for you. I hope this helped.

Sensible guys who are worth having think low self-esteem is unattractive. Sure, you may find someone who feels sorry for you and thinks he can play &quot:rescuer&quot: – for awhile – but it won’t take long before he will see that he can’t fix you from the outside, and being with you just sucks all the air out of the room, so he will leave. The guys who may stay around with you are the ones who want to exploit your low self-esteem. These are the abusers and the controllers. But they won’t heal you – in the beginning they will make you feel good, and when they think they have you, then they will suck all the life out of you.

Sweets, you have to get help FOR YOURSELF, and for yourself alone. When you can stand on your own is when you will be the most attractive to the right guy.

This is bullshit most guys on here are chatting about women being easy if she has low self esteem its actually the men with low self esteem that are easy. Men with low self esteem think its manly to sleep around with lots of women where in fact he is a man and will still be a man whether he sleeps with fewer women or lots of women.

No-one knows who has low self esteem initially and so they still get into relationships with the opposite sex so its definitely isn’t stopping anyone from pulling it probably has the opposite effect e.g. Charlie Sheen notoriously known for having low self esteem it hasn’t stopped him from attracting women.

In theory low self esteem is suppose to be unattractive but then we find people with high self esteem and they are still single, why are they left behind and people like Sheen has plenty of women who would go as far as marry him? He isn’t good looking or in shape either.

It is ridiculous to relate self esteem with attractiveness, healthy self esteem is really about living your lives purpose. However people can have other positive traits whilst having low self esteem.

Not necessarily. Low self-esteem by itself is not going to attract anyone of course. That’s a given. But if he is attracted to you for some reason, you low self-esteem could make you more attractive, as helplessness. Especially if he is insecure himself–this could be the answer to his dreams.
But that doesn’t really do you any good. If you have low self-esteem that is a problem for you in your own right. And you have to deal with it yourself. That kind of help should not come from an intimate partner.

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