Did Senator DeMint and Representative McConnell pull a good trick against ObamaCare after the Senate vote?

After the big glorious communist revolutionary vote today, Harry Reid cackled like a old hen, the sycophantic media sang with glee and the Pretender Obama gave yet another narcissistic paean to himself and flew off to Wakkkik!

They had won! All was good and full of the delights of future Marxist despotism!

Yet back under the Rotunda Senator DeMint and Representative McConnell pulled a neat little parliamentary trick against ObamaCare. At the instigation of Senator DeMint Republican Leader McConnell actually objected to the appointment of the conferees that work the competing House and Senate versions of a bill into a work both Houses agree on.

According to Dan Perrin at Red State:

Unless the House votes for the Senate bill unchanged — which is highly unlikely — then the Senate ObamaCare bill must be amended on the House floor to gain the votes they need to pass it on the House floor. And because of Senator DeMint’s objection to the appointment of the conferees, there will be no conference, or conference report.

If the House amends the Senate bill, they then have to send the amended bill back to the Senate — where all the 60 vote margin cloture votes still apply — cloture on the motion to proceed, and cloture to end the filibuster and cloture on any amendment.

Do I believe that this objection to the appointment of the conferees will kill ObamaCare? Yes, if the progressives or those 64 House Democrats who voted for the Stupak amendment do not roll over and play dead.

This monkey wrench may explain why the White House is putting out the word that it wants the health care bill to pass the House after the State of the Union, in February.

But by Late January the Senate seats in some states may have changed hands — MA, WV, NJ and possibly others ….

And who on this board has been trying to bring attention to the true Statesman Senator Jim DeMint for a year now? Could it be Levon the Man? Yeah I think so – http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index:…

He’s sharp and he has guts. He’s also been raking Obama and Clinton over the coals on their clearly Un-American stance re Honduras!

Anyway I hope this works. If not I’m sure DeMint will be front and center when it comes to challenging this thing in court. He’s a fighter! Exactly what we need. Many people want all incumbents out but they need to look hard at voting records etc. He opposed the Bush/Obama bailouts, Holder, Geithner, The Give act, and on and on! He’s one of the good guys and he respects our constitution!

(oh and you can add me to that &quot:hateful person&quot: list if opposing this corrupt bunch of thugs makes me hateful)

Senator Obama all during the Primary hooped and hollered about this Nasty invasive FISA Bill. How could the Pubs allow this horrible thing to go on in America. He was outraged that the pubs wanted to protect the communications carrier from suit. Feingold said the same thing. Right along with Barack Hussein Obama. But low and Behold. What took place in the final vote. Feingold held to his principles. And the Cheap suit from Chicago jumped ship and went with the money vote. Pandering all the way. So Obama people you need to give your guy a real good look. He is not who he tells you he is.

Sen McConnell lives just across the river from me: I think I’m going to stay out of his yard because he’s pretty tricky. I sure wouldn’t want him to give me the parliamentary procedure! That would hurt. Thanks for the info.

Kill this bill…..and here is a example of the a person who knows nothing of what the bill includes or does and now I give you the liberal and the quintessential emotional view point minus the logic…..What a hateful person you are to be so gleeful at the prospect of Health care reform and the helping of 30 Million people might fail…

Finally some good news in an otherwise bleak policital week.

The only problem is that Reid and Pelosi have no respect for Congressional rules or the constitution, so it is likely they won’t abide by either.

I hope it stops the Nazi’s from gaining 1/6 of the American economy and the government deciding who lives and who dies.

Obama, Reid and Pelosi can suck on their freaking bill. I am so mad.

Finally something good! Wow!

My christmas wish is for Cons to grow up. Funny how they don’t beieve in democracy,

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