Would it be a good idea to investigate a haunted house?

Okay so i currently moved to a new town and i had been hearing stories about this house (which is about 3 miles out of town).. Apparently it’s haunted and no one wants to live in it cause they claim theres a ghost.. Do you think that it would be a good or bad idea to go and investigate.. I mean there realy has to be a weird reason why no one wants to live in the house because the house is beautiful, even my mom admited she wouldnt mind moving into the house.. And So whats the worst ghost could do?

nothing can happen. ghosts can’t hurt you. I guess they can hurt you psychologically, but not physically. I’d do it. spend a night there. take a camera and a microphone and see what happens. do it!

Go with others, and make sure there is someone to raise the alarm if you don’t return. People do have accidents in deserted places – so just be careful. Beware of falling through rotten timbers – a real risk.
If possible – ask owners permission. If for sale – get the keys to view it properly.

If it really is beautiful – then I would expect the old inhabitants would want to stay there too ! You can also get ‘highway ghosts’ – which will settle in any near building.
Would love to buy it for a cheap price – and deal with the spirits if they become a problem.

Make sure you’re not trespassing. Make sure the house is not condemned so you don’t fall through a hole in the floor. Go with at least one other person and tell your parents where you’ll be in case you don’t come back for a week.

Other than that, be cautious and have fun. The ghost won’t do anything. And if they do, you’ll probably be out the door anyways.

Why not investigate it. There are probably a lot of stories about it, and may be something bad happened at one point. Why not actually have a look and also take along someone who knows about it. I am sure it is complete rubbish.

Go ahead. And you will get credit for it if you do find something. I agree with you, i hear of haunting but i never hear of anyone getting hurt from a ghost.

Yes i think its a great idea to go investigate I totally would just make sure you bring with you salt, iron, silver, gasoline and a match just in case. If you want to know why go to www.ghostfacers.com or watch Supernatural.

p.s maybe bring a shovel too.

i think its a good idea to investagate the house would 🙂 the worst thing a ghost can do is posses you and scratch you but if you go in fully protected then you will be fine 🙂 if you do go email me to let me know what you find 🙂 hope this helps 🙂

Go for it!
I’ve always been quite thrilled with investigating creepy or supposed haunted places.
And heck, maybe you can have an experience that you’ll be able to tell around a campfire.

About as much as a human could do and they’re invisible as well. And they can create cold spots and stuff and they pass through walls.

No such thing as a ghost so just buy it

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