Why is it okay to eat pigs and chickents?

Why is it okay to eat pigs, chickens, cows, goats, sheep… and why is it WRONG to eat dogs, cats, and guinea pigs? They are all animals. In fact, pigs are one of the smartest animals in the animal kingdom (even more than dogs, let alone cats). Some people argue that it is wrong to eat rabbits and guinea pigs simply because they are cute. My response to that argument is, WTF? To me that sounds like you’re saying that pigs can be slaughtered and eaten just because you think they are ugly.

Don’t call yourself an animal lover unless you’re at least a vegetarian who doesn’t eat eggs. Plus, I think it is wrong to call yourself a vegetarian/vegan if you have an animal that eats meat.

I honestly don’t blame Chinese people for eating dogs and cats. I don’t blame people in India for not eating cows. I don’t blame people in Peru for eating guinea pigs. That doesn’t mean I’ll ever want to eat dogs and cats.

Now please answer my question. I think pigs, cows, goats, and sheep are super cute.

i think they are cute to i am a vegan cause its so sad animals have feelings to and i feed my pets dog food cat food etc so idk about that but you do have a point i saw a video of a horse slaughter and it made me cry they burn them with scolding hot water just so sad.

Dogs and cats shouldn’t eat meat? They’re animals and all animals prey on each other. Dog and cats NEED meat in order to survive. Please don’t compare an ANIMALS diet to human beings. Also Chinese people ate dogs and cats because there was nothing else to eat. They were starving while stray dogs and cats were running around. It’s starting to slightly change but its still there.
Now as for the rest of your question you are entirely right. The problem is we domesticated cats and dogs. You can’t keep farm animals in an apartment with potty breaks and walks. Because of this most people don’t keep them as pets (well except guinea pigs) so no one thinks about it or really cares. Unless pigs, sheep, cows, and goats can become domesticated I don’t think that’s ever going to change.
Another thing I forgot to mention is dogs did jobs for humans. Herding, hunting, guarding, etc so there was a reason to not kill them for food.

Most people consider livestock (farm animals) okay to eat. Dogs and cats are considered pets, and in our culture, you don’t eat them. Cuteness has nothing to do with it.

And I don’t blame people of other cultures for their beliefs either. To each, his own. You seem to be a hypocrite, though, since you think it’s okay for other cultures to eat whatever they want to but not us.

&quot:Don’t call yourself an animal lover unless you’re at least a vegetarian who doesn’t eat eggs.&quot:

*You* have no power to define who I am, or anybody else either, so get over yourself.

I eat pigs, cows, fish, chickens, eggs, etc. I had some really yummy chicken for dinner, and last night I had really a nice tasty steak. And I’ve got some eggs sitting in the fridge right now–I’m going to fry them up with some bacon tomorrow. My dogs and cats will get the drippings off that as a treat.

And why in the world do you want to punish dogs and especially cats–cats NEED meat to live–just because their owner is a vegetarian or vegan? Only clueless PETA-philes make silly remarks like that….

In some cultures it is OK to eat dogs, cats, guinea pigs, etc.. I used to work with a woman who lived in cambodia for a long time, and she said that we couldn’t do a lot of wild life tours there because they eat all the animals. Some cultures eat rodents, bats, bugs etc…

The only reason western cultures don’t is because we created a domestic bond with cats and dogs and horses (but I’ve seen a horse owner eat a horse steak, so there’s that.) Its really just your own perspective.

I also think pigs, cows, goats, and sheep are super cute too. I would not eat mutton, because it is gamey. I like pork, I don’t really like beef, and I’m not a fan of goat meat. I do seem to prefer reptile meat. Like frog, snake, snail. I think Frogs are cute. Oh, and I like rabbit meat but have also eaten rabbit. I guess I don’t see the issue. I see the environmental issue the most. That factory farms are mean to their animals, and they pollute the environment.

Few people keep farm animals as pets. That usually is the reason for the difference.

As far as wrong, it becomes more of a cultural experience. And Chinese people do not usually eat cats as Americans think of. It is a civet cat, which is related to a raccoon.

But you seem to have a misunderstanding about vegetarians. Vegans won’t eat eggs. Vegetarians may eat eggs and dairy (lacto-ovo-vegetarian). Or dairy but no eggs (lacto-vegetarian)

But why wouldn’t a vegetarian or vegan give a cat meat? It simply means they are not forcing their lifestyle on their cat, since a cat is an obligate carnivore, and must have meat for their health.

Cats have to have meat in their diet or they will die. Most animals need that meat in their diet. At least we’re not killing the chickens and feeding them fresh to our pets! The difference between animals eating animals and people eating animals is that people can sustain on SO MANY other things.

Btw I think all the animals you mentioned are cute but nasty little carnivores wont stop. People have a right to believe what they want even if it is nasty. They basically just need to think that what they are doing is right even when its not.

Correction, animals WERE NOT, BY ANY MEANS, put here for you to use. Animals were put here to do what they need to do in their own lifetimes. People breeding and killing and eating them are morbid and disgusting. But we don’t say that. If we did-If i did-we/I wouldn’t have friends.It is morbid and disgusting but humans taketaketaketaketake and there is no stopping it.

Anyway another correction, God did not put them here for you to use, abuse,eat,experiment on, or use for entertainment. ( btw I’m not christian either but that has nothing to do with it. ) I mean, if a man in the sky put animals here for us to abuse mutilate and kill, then he might as well be demonic.

I love animals and I’m going to go to collage to be a veterinarian, I also hope to be vegan one day as I am only a vegetarian.

Sorry if you get this twice, it didn’t post the first time.

because God put animals into the world for food and for helping us. dogs, cats and toher animals help us with trapping, guarding, etc, pigs and chickens and cows help us in the way of food. anyone who is not a vegetarian would understand this. meat is something you need to be strong and healthy. it provides proteins and whatever. you could eat fish all your life, or tofu, but who wants that. point is, we are the dominant species, which also gives the responisibliy of caring and not abusing the animalswe have as pets or that we eat. as long as we are kind and dont abuse what God gave us its perfectly ok to eat these. and i am an animal lover. i believe that we need meat, its a cycle of life. imagine all the fuss about eating horses? would you rather it starve to death somewhere or have a moment of pain and die. think about it. i doubt you are Vhristian if you have to ask these things.

They all taste great with kraft Chipolta bbq sauce.

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