Why does everyone call Barack Obama Black, when he is half Black and half White?

This widely accepted classification speaks volumes about accepted White superiority concepts/racism in American culture.

So if he’s not 100% white and pure, he’s black……even though he’s half White and half Black…….

This country is so messed up…..! And we’re so used to it and nobody questions it.

Would anyone dare to call Obama White?……lol…why not?

I don’t know if your dark and look black I’m sure Caucasians don’t want you classified as one of them no matter how educated,intelligent,and well spoken you may be. Also it just might be that old thing about if you have one drop of black in you your black and theres nothing else to it..? and what does it matter any way we can look at him and tell he’s not full black and he doesn’t deny the fact that his mother is white so that’s all that counts in my opinion

Because he would not be white even if his great grandpa was black and everyone else was white. White people made up that rule, so you know 🙂 He has a black wife and black kids, too. There is nothing wrong with being white, but white genes are generally recessive. So more of the African genes would pass to a child of mixed descent.

If you would like to start calling him White, then have at it. It doesn’t mean the black community can’t call him black and rally around him as an extremely positive person to be proud of.

maybe its not white superiority. it might just be how people identify. most mixed people I meet consider themselves black and not white. but they are percieved by the rest of the world as black, so its only natural for them to consider themselves to be one or the other.
plus he looks dark. there are some people who are mixed but don’t look like it, so once again society dubs them as one race and they agree

He’s closer to being black than Chairman Hillary is to being a woman.

Well that’s because he looks black. A &quot:race&quot: is the color of the person. I’m white pigmented so I’m white. He’s black pigmented, so he’s black.

I don’t know, what more I don’t care. I don’t agree with his politics, so white, black, purple or green, he will not see my vote.

I do not care what color his skin is! If he wins election I just want him to be a great leader!

barocko bomma says he is black. If he wants to be black, he has a right to be.

That is what he calls himself!

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