Who would win if Iran vs Israel..?

Israel is planing and have said previously that they will attack iran if no body stops them if they do. do u think iran will win and will Israel be backed by USA

Define ‘win’. In modern war, winning is, essentially, figuring out the main goals – what this war is going to achieve – and seeing if one can achieve them.

If Israel decides to engage Iranian nuclear sites (and seems like that’s their main concern), they do not need any kind of ground attack. For that matter, any ground operation would be impossible anyway – they don’t have a common border. An air bombing campaign, on the other hand, should be enough to achieve their goals – and it is precisely the kind of war where Israeli vast advantage in aircrafts and training will play for the best.

If you would take a look at the latest set of events, Iranians do not even try to build any kind of additional protection around their nuclear sites. They are fully aware of the fact that if the war starts in, say, this or next year, they will not have anything to tip the scales (especially now that Russians have refused to sell them anti-aircraft defensive systems they tried to purchase). Instead, they are going after asymmetrical reply – pumping more money into Hamas and Hezbollah, to fight with Israel by proxy.

Iran hands down. #1. the world is becoming more aware and simultaneously more against the genocide, apartheid and blatant Nazi practices Israel has been imposing upon the Palestinians for decades. #2. Iran has more allies than Israel does, and if only because they share a similar culture, if anything happens most if not all Arab countries will back Iran rather than Israel. #3. Although Iran may not have nukes, it has a strong alliance with Russia which has nukes, and Pakistan which also has nukes and Pakistan has shown recent hostilities toward the US and so by relation Israel. So again, if anything happens its easy to guess which side they’d be on. #4.Arab countries and their allies outnumber the Israel, US alliance. And #5 and probably the most important reason, Israel has no oil. A very cheap energy resource which has yet to be fully replaced and which is mostly found in Arab countries. The only resource that has given all 1st world countries their current lifestyle. A lifestyle which I strongly doubt they are going to be willing to give up just to defend one tiny little country, with no oil. If the US were to line up to militarily defend Israel, it is guaranteed to loose all of its oil suppliers which will bring this country to its knees. And because the US is Israels strongest ally, when it backs down Israel is sure to loose any fight.


If this were to happen, then the U.S. would get dragged into it by default. Even with the help of America though, there probably wouldn’t be a clear winner unless we nuked them. But that’s a whole ‘nother can of worms. Just look at what has happened with Iraq and Afghanistan.

Isreal has a loud bark and a pretty nasty bite, but that’s only because they choose the battles they know they can win. They remind me of a rich, snotty neighborhood bully, and I would love to see that bully get a broken nose. So naturally I’d be rooting for Iran. They are not as backwards and under-equipped as the powers that be would like you to believe.

Iran has a much bigger standing Army, but are undertrained and underequipped. Israel has nukes, and a very well trained and equipped army, and if they do hit Iran, it will be over in one night.

iran would lose because the the US will supply isreal with weapons that are supposedly considered warcrimes to use: you know the same weapons they’re using on the Palestinians in gaza. but who’s gonna stop them? the U.S.?

but also, don’t sympathize with the Iranian government either because Ahmadinejad is one of the biggest a**holes on the planet. And the Persian government is as corrupt as the Israeli government.

and what do you mean &quot:who would win?&quot: what do you think this is Ultimate Fighter?

The US has always made it clear we will always back them. Funny thing, all of this is in the Bible. It’s prophesied about &amp: it says that God Almighty will let no one destroy His chosen ones. He will destroy anyone who attacks Israel. If you are not a believer I strongly encourage you to read about Gods love for this nation,it’ll tell you who wins.

Nobody. The whole World could &quot:Lose.&quot: – And THAT’s the Scary part !! 🙁

Britain would kick both countries asses.

screw em terrorists

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