Who is currently the face of WWE and TNA + YWWA Breakdown Results Part 2?

Match 4: winner chooses the next teammate for the traditional Survivor Series Match (options: Straight Edge Punk, Fallen Diablo, Kurt Angle): Undertaker Y2J vs Dark Demon

A lot was on the line in this match. If UY won then HBK would pick the last member of his team. This match had a lot to top of the last match that was just witnessed and it certainly lived up to it. It started off with Demon beginning an assault on UY. The fans hated Demon, but hated HBK more so they cheered on Demon. Demon started the battle off but eventually lost control after 3 minutes. UY wrenched his eyes and joined in on a chop fest between the 2. Demon retaliated and ended up winning the fest after a giant chop and a powerful belly to belly slam. After the slam he went for a pin but only got a 2. The match continued as Demon locked in a bear hug on the ground. UY worked to get out of it and did after nearly 30 seconds. He delivered a hip toss to Demon followed by a leg-drop. 1, ,2 Demon kicked out. He kicked out with great strength that UY flew off him. Demon used his speed to reach him quickly to lock in another bear hug on the ground. This time UY knew the escape and did it so that he threw Demon head 1st into the bottom turnbuckle pad. Both men were down and YWWA went to a commercial. When it came back UY was leading the match with a headlock locked in. He held it in and both men were in pain. After nearly a minute Demon hit a back body drop to break the hold. Both men struggle to reach their feet and almost were counted out. But they did and Demon sought control. He went to suplex UY from in the ring to the outside, but UY landed his feet on the apron. As he held Demon’s neck he delivered a devastating neckbreaker that hit the back of Demon’s head on the top rope flipping him over causing the 2 to land on the outside. The crowd was in shock. The ref started to count them out. As he reached 8 the two were on their knees and just rolled in to break the count. The fans were very impressed. UY now climbed the top rope and he hit a cross-body. Sadly this only gained him a 2 count. UY pulled up Demon and with Demon dangling against the ropes he clotheslined himself and Demon over the ropes which sent them both out of the ring again. The fans reached their feet and applauded out of respect. The ref was counting them out. Finally he said 9 and it looked like the match would end in a double count out. But as he said 10 UY rolled into the ring and made it in on time. The crowd booed and UY won. HBK then entered ringside with a giant smile. He said the last man he picked was a man set to make Demon’s life hell! He chose Demon’s current rival and former partner Fallen Diablo. And to make matters worse he announced next weeks GCW main event would be Demon vs Diablo inside a Steel Cage!

Winner: Undertaker Y2J Fan: PHBK pick is Fallen Diablo (Kurt and Straight Edge go to Deadman by default)

Match 5 Openweight Title Match: Psycho Dude 99© vs Golden Falcon vs Perfection At It’s Best

This match set to be a triple threat changed very quickly. Psycho Dude came out 1st and then Falcon and Perfection came out together. They each stood on the top rope for their entrance to pose for their fans but PD couldn’t stand it. He ran over and pushed Perfection off of the top rope, down to the floor, causing him to land ankle 1st. The match began and as it started 3 personal trainers came out to attend Perfection. Falcon looked furious in rage. His friend was hurt and he set to take his anger out on the champ. The 2 tied up and looked to gain an advantage. PD delivered a cheap kick to the gut. But when he thought he had the advantage Falcon surprised him with a Spinning Heelkick. He went for a cover and nearly pulled an upset. But PD lifted his shoulder up. Falcon worked for a minute on his neck but PD eventually elbowed the gut of Falcon and threw him out of the ring. Falcon rolled out by where Perfection was getting treated by. That’s when PD came out and started his trash talk. He told Falcon to look what he did to his friend. And that that would end up being Falcon. Then with Perfection being treated to he kicked his ankle 3 times. This set Falcon over and he ran and tackled PD! The crowd went wild. No one expected Falcon to win but he was raising hell. The ref ran out to regain order and as he tried YWWA was sent to a break. When it returned PD was in control with a sleep hold locked in and Perfection had been taken back to the trainers. PD had control and with a sleeper locked in he slapped the face of Falcon. He even pulled his mask over his mouth to prevent him from breathing. After that low blow he placed Falcon on the top rope. But before he climbed up Falcon shoved him aside and hit a missile dropkick from the top rope. He rushed for a cover. 1, 2, kick out. Falcon kept on being so close to victory. He didn’t give up. He rolled PD up in a schoolboy but that was only a 2 as well. But as PD reached his feet again Falcon put him in a sma

The face of WWE would have to be John Cena. A very passionate man who loves what he does and tries his best to entertain the fans. The face of TNA is in question. I would have said AJ Styles, as he is the most popular face there, the &quot:son&quot: of TNA, and a phenomenal wrestler, but now that Hulk Hogan has joined and the show seems to revolve around him again, I would say Hogan is trying to become the face of the company. He should just leave it to Styles. . .


Not a good showing. . . not a good showing at all. Both of my teammates have failed to win their respective matches. . . which of course, not only makes them look bad, but also makes their captain look bad. Demon, Falcon – tell me this WASN’T the best you could do. Tell me that you were saving your strength for Survivor Series. Because if this was all you could do. . . our chances of winning at Survivor Series look bleak.

But forget the past. Let all this leave your mind. Let’s focus on the future. In addition to Falcon and Demon, my team has been joined by Kurt and Straight Edge Punk. I haven’t seen these men in action much. . . so I’ll tell you both this – don’t let me down. This goes for Falcon and Demon too. This match at Survivor Series is going to count for a lot. This win won’t only help me. . . it will help all of you make names for yourselves. Don’t disappoint me. . .

(Promo holds no disrespect for anyone)

TNA: Hulk Hogan, AJ Styles, Kurt Angle
WWE: John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker

I’m not Reading the rest. &lt:_&lt:

Promo:alright i lost,but by count out……..that means crap.UndertakerY2J we both know you couldn’t beat me in the middle of the ring 123.You had to beat me by getting in the ring before i did,yeah your awesome for doing that,i will let you have your fithteen minutes of fame,you need it.Two weeks in a row now,i have been screwed out of my match,PHBK had to fake an injury to get the win and noqw UndeertakerY2J had to get into the ring before me to win,HA!they can’t pin me cleanly or make me submit,your team is worthless.Bunch of scared cowards,who can’t win a match by Pinfall or submission without using some type of cheat.

At Survivor series,i look forward to kicking PHBK’s team A$$.They don’t stand a one chance against team Deadman.That much is sure.Just look at your worthless team,everybody knows that.Your going into that match praying to the god above you that you don’t your a$$’s kicked too much,that your bones don’t get broke and your skin doesn’t get ripped out of body.

Now i have to face Fallen Diablo in a steel cage,it:s about time!Diablo,i said i was going to end your career when i finally got the chance to and now i have the chance and you can bet i will.Diablo,you will finally regret why you ever asked me to join the root of the nightmare,to keep you in a job here in YWWA. We both know you don’t got what it takes to beat me in a cage and when we both step into that cage,and the door locks,there won’t be any running.No deals,you will suffer for your faults.Your ego put you in this nightmare against me and now i will end it by crippling you.Your faith will be sealed Diablo,you won’t be making it too Survivor series,you will be spending it in a wheelchair.This isn’t some sort of threat,this is a promise……….

John Cena and AJ Styles

In Terms of Business
WWE: Vince MCMahon

TNA:Hulk Hogan

Interms of Wrestlelrs holding the Company
WWE:The Undertaker

TNA:AJ Stylez

WWE-John Cena
TnA-Hulk Hogan

Wow! these are all fantastic results. very well written and the best results i have ever read for any efederation. you did a great job and this is why i love to follow ywwa! keep up the good way

WWE = John Cena

TNA = AJ Styles

great part 2 10/10

Promo: did for part 1

WQ: WWE=John Cena TNA=Hulk Hogan

TNA – Hulk Hogan
WWE – John Cena

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