What’s the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you at school?

I farted and it smelled like rotten eggs and it lingered through out the room.

In gym i was laying volleyball and i hit one of the gym coaches everybody hates in the face. People were clapping and cheering and going &quot:oooooooooh&quot:. The most embarrassing thing was that she told me not to be embarrassed and it was ok, even though her nose was bleeding.

Someone threw a piece of wood from the old class table, which it nearly hit the security guard below, and they picked me as one of the suspect because I was close to the window.

i felt betrayed and embarrassed.

Start to Cry because my friend stole my cookie. (2nd Grade)

Puke all of my Friend’s cookies at a bake Sale (3rd Grade)

I Got caught passing a note to my friend and my teacher made me read it to the entire class. It talked about how I Like this boy in my class, And I kinda mentioned his name (6th Grade)

i flipped out of my chair in math class trying to get a paper that fell on the ground
then my friend was trying to show someone who didnt see it what happened and she flipped out of her chair too, but her desk landed over her and she looked like she was encaged.
we have those desks that are connected to the chairs so it was really funny yet painful
haha weird 6th grade memories

Mom forced me to wear DORA pants. Painful.

Tripped over a backpack and as I feel this guy made this fart noise that made it look like I farted.

i threw a paper airplane rigth when the principal walked in

my pants fell down and i was wearing barney undies. but this was like in the 2nd grade lol

during… nothing, i’m a well behaved person.
but on a break, i slipped in the water and fell on my ****. it hurt, physically, and emotionally. lol

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