What is the different between Subaru wrx and sti?

STI Is Subaru Technica International. They make mods for Subarus. The WRX STi version has simply had some of those mods applied at the factory. It’s really not that much better than the base WRX, but it is a little better, so people go for it.

If you are considering this, it might be more cost effective for you to buy the base WRX and install the STi parts that you want. If you think that’s going to be a lot of parts, then you should research it because after a point, the factory deal is a little cheaper.

Keep in mind that Wings, body kits, lights and anything else you add to the car, will only make it slower. And no, the STi isn’t the best rally car out there. I regularly smoked these guys in my Legacy. One guy with a WRX wagon actually beat me in nearly every race. The STi will not win races for you… you will have to be a better driver, since as someone else mentioned, the STi gives you no room for error. And I don’t think it’s competitive in it’s class in tarmac races or drags, but someone can feel free to correct me on that if they have experience.

STi stands for Subaru Tecnica International, the Subaru motorsports division.

The STi is a WRX that has been modified for high performance. It has performance tires, suspension, engine upgrades, etc, and really represents the pinnacle of Subaru performance. The STi is arguably one of the best rally cars in the business, and provides a very visceral driving experience. It usually doesn’t have as many creature comforts as the WRX (to save weight).

The STi is the performance version of the WRX. They have 286 hp, an active center differential, better brakes, different interior and exterior, a much more agressive suspension, and are much less forgiving on the street.

The STI is a more sports oriented car, costs about 7 grand more, has about 70 more horsepower, and a stiffer suspension/bigger wheels.

and with the STI, you can feel safe because police will follow you everywhere!

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