What are the main differences between The Church of England and Catholics? Surely they are all Christians?

The Church of England doesn’t discriminate against gays and women.

The church of England, or Anglican church, does not recognize the authority of the Pope. It was formed by King Henry the VIII, who sought a divorce from his first wife and was turned down by the Pope. For his disobedience, Henry VIII was excommunicated, much to his dismay. By the rules of monarchies at the time, a king was not merely the king of England, he WAS England. Excommunicating him meant the excommunication of everyone under his rule.

This wasn’t mere selfishness on Henry VIII’s part. His first wife was childless, and without an heir, the line of succession was in jeopardy, which would have very easily resulted in a ruinous civil war for England.

The head of the Anglican Church is the King of England.

Catholics and Anglicans are both Christina Churches. Most of the differences rest in the earthly doctrines and teachings of the Churches. For example, one of the big ones is the view of sacraments and Eucharist. We also differ on rules that ministers must follow. There is also the issue of the Papacy. The Anglican do not accept the Pope as the earthly head of their Church. They have their monarch in that role. The Church of England is more of a state-religion whereas the Roman Catholic Church is not necessarily tied to any nations or government.

However, the main things are the same. Both Churches follow Jesus Christ and believe He is the Son of God who died for our sins.

&quot:What separates us as believers in Christ is much less than what unites us.&quot: (Pope John XXIII)

Almost all important doctrine is completely agreed upon between Catholic Christians and other Christians.

Here is the joint declaration of justification by Catholics (1999), Lutherans (1999), and Methodists (2006):

By grace alone, in faith in Christ’s saving work and not because of any merit on our part, we are accepted by God and receive the Holy Spirit, who renews our hearts while equipping us and calling us to good works.


There are many minor doctrine issues and some major cultural traditional differences which, I believe, do not matter that much.

A Catholic worships and follows Christ in the tradition of Catholicism which, among other things, recognizes that Christ made Peter the leader of His new Church and Pope Benedict XVI is Peter’s direct successor.

For more information, see the Catechism of the Catholic Church: http://www.usccb.org/catechism/text/inde…

With love in Christ.

Yes they are both Christians. The main difference is that the CofE does not accept the Pope as the head, instead the Monarch is the head of the church.

Catholic Church is not tied to any nations or government. The Church of England is more of a state-run-religion. Protestant sects are all man-made counterfeits to what Jesus founded.

C of E are Catholics, but just not of the Roman persuasion. Their church is headed by the Queen, and differs over a number of doctrinal points relating to communion, the priesthood, the creed, and liturgy, etc.

both are very much christians

It was a matter of a King who wanted to divorce, marry and kill his wives.

More tea-sipping agnostics, less sociopathic peadophiles.

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