This does not seem fair to me…?

I am really upset over an accident that resulted in my bf’s car and a neighbor’s car being wrecked. My bf had visited me at my house and he parked his car on the street in front of my house. My neighbor was parked in front of him. We were sitting in my living room talking when all of a sudden some guy crashes head on into my neighbor’s car, totally destroying the car and her car ended up hitting my bf’s car, messing up his front end as well. This poor girl’s car is messed up on both ends. The guy was going so fast that it pushed the cars really far back from their original spots. The guy got out of the car, started mumbling incoherently and acting very suspicious. He had no driver’s license, no insurance, car wasn’t registered, nothing! It took 30 minutes for the police officer to arrive and when he did he was first going to write out one ticket to the guy and told us that was all he could do and that our insurance would take care of the rest. My family and I were upset and told him how the guy was acting and asked the officer if he would even give him a sobriety test. The officer turned his back on the guy to fill out paperwork when all of a sudden the guy’s friend drives up in a car and he hands his friend a baggie! We tell the officer to go look at what the guy is doing, so he walks slowly to the car only to shine a flashlight in the driver’s face and then the guy speeds off down the street. The officer tells us there’s nothing else to do and don’t bother suing the man in civil court because quote really? I mean come on, what are you going to get out of the guy?

So now my neighbor and my bf will have to pay a deductible for something that was 100% not their fault while the guy walks away with one simple ticket? It does not seem fair to me. What would you do if you were in this situation?

*I live in California*

Ok, First, you need to contact the TOP person in the police dept and make a complaint. IF the guy did over a certain amount of damage the police should check for the drug/alchol . When this didn’t happen you need to get a lawyer to help you. You may have a case against the police if this guy has many DUI charges. It could be something you could charge the police dept(and city) with. Check with your love policitian to help you track down the record. (dui’s should be in records and you can look them up if he’s been arrested before. The par that the cop is true about is the ability to get money from them. IF that guy has no ability to pay, then you will be the only one spending money to sue. Also IF you win, if he can’t pay, you win nothing. BUT if it’s more of a case of RIGHT then take him to court. Another thing to look for. If this person is crashing into cars and the police are not trying to arrest them then I wonder WHO this person is. Maybe you should look that up, you might find out he’s the father of a local cop. They look after each other and try to cover when they can.
And just to let you know, I had a cop that was at the sceen of a accident. A lady ran into a parked car while my friend was looking in the trunk. He was able to jump out the way, but still got hit on one leg. The cop on the call said he had stopped in the middle of the road and was getting something out his trunk, he let the lady go and did not even write her name down. (THE cop didn’t know the man was in front of his house, because he had his OTHER home address on his license) The cop didn’t know it was his mothers house and she had moved, anyway my friend when he got out the hospital, made complaints about what the cop let her go (with injuries in a accident), here’s what happened. About 2-3months later, my friend started getting tow stickers on his cars, inspectors checking cars on his property for plates, if not they would sticker to tow. Well to let you know what happened, the lady that hit him was a girlfriend of a cop and he would pass by the house, If a car was on the sidewalk, another cop would show up and write a ticket. or, a tow truck would be called. now to let you know HOW we knew that, we had video security and each time the cop would be on the tape when a problem came up. So if the cop wants to block you from getting a conviction, you might as well just pay the insurance bill and park off the street. As far as the drugs, the cop may have known and was looking away on purpose.

First, understand that the police are not generally required to stop any crime in progress, only to investigate according to procedures.

Second, you have the name and address of the perp so you can sue him for damage, including increased deductibles, points, etc. Your insurance company may want first crack at this, so coordinate with them.

Third, you can bring an administrative charge against the officer and the department for failing to fully investigate the crime of DUI. Contact the internal affairs bureau or other agency that oversees law enforcement agencies in your jurisdiction.

Find a Court Like the one on tv ( Judge Judy )
You will be able to afford to bring this guy to court, as it won’t break the bank to do .
This system allows face to face with the Judge and the defendant and
the plaintiff.
If there is anything to be done, This is the format to use, to ensure You are compensated for damage to your cars.
Good Luck and Regards
Pa69oldfart, in Australia.

Dude you need got to the head person at the popo office and tell them what happened. The popo who was at the scene should of checked the car thoroughly.

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its not fair but that’s life and not so good of usa

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