Should division 1 college football and basketball players who don’t make it to the pros…?

be paid by their universities upon graduation since they generate so much money for their schools?

nope that isnt what college is for / its to get an eduaction just in case they dont make the pros

They get 10’s of thousands of dollars in free education while the general population has to pay for an education. If they take advantage of the education they can make a very good living for themselves. I understand how much in revenue they generate but what about the intellectually superior kids who make the schools stand out in many cases which generates huge dollars for research or even as a selling point (which means higher tuition fee’s). Many have programs such as medical, horticulture, computer sciences and on and on that also generate a lot of money for the schools and those kids dont get paid either….just the same free education.

Makes no sense because they can’t get jobs either and if they are coming from a poor family then what are they doing for food and clothes? I dont think they should get paid but they should at least get an &quot:allowance&quot: for food and basic needs. I mean they are the ones who are bringing millions of dollars to the schools, they should at least get something.

They should be paid during their time there, not afterward.

And probably 95% of college athletic programs aren’t profitable. It’s the tuition of the other students that pay for that stuff, AND some of the football expenses.

No.. In most cases, if it weren’t for the college giving them a scholarship to play ball they wouldn’t have an opportunity to go to college and get a degree so they can do something with themselves after graduating…. It costs a lot of money to go to college if you didn’t know that….

No. And your profile pic and username is very racist smh

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