rhh:lets play the shuffle game?

put ur ipod on shuffle and list the first 5 songs that come up

mines are
ti-swagger like us
wayne-lisa marie
drake-light up
nirvana-smells like teen spirit

whats ur fave song of the ones that came up

The Strokes- Is This It?
SPM- You Know My Name (damn that’s stereotypical)
Rhymefest- Bump My Sh*t (chicago son)
Common- Make My Day (chicago again son)
Tripping Daisy- Step Behind

Step Behind. 90s alternative is the ish.

The Isley Brothers – Freedom
Raekwon – Baggin’ Crack
Mos Def – Climb
De La Soul – Description
The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Still Raining, Still Dreaming

Mos Def – Climb

We Made It- linkin Park Ft. Busta Rhymes
Hey Jude- The Beatles
No Apologies- Eminem
8 Iz Enuff- Big L
Hey Jude again! LMFAOO

Favorite- Hey Jude is a great song

Dilla Bot Vs. The hybrid (feat. Danny Boy) – Jay Dilla
Notorious Thugs – Biggie
Runnin’ (feat. Pharcyde) – J Dilla
Take Me Home – Brother Ali
Juelz Pt. 2 – Akala

Runnin’ is in my top 10 songs, so that.

Greymatter – Friends of Mine
Gift of Gab – Rat Race
Blu – So(u)l Amazin’ (Steel Blazin’)
Jurassic 5 – How We Get Along
Nas – Affirmative Action

How It Goes – Chino XL
It Only Hurts – Default
Fight Music – D12
Takeover – Jay-Z
Go Baby – Lupe Fiasco

Probably Takeover, but its hard to say because It Only Hurts is NRHH.

&quot:The Pain&quot:-Murs
&quot:Section&quot:-The Roots
&quot:Flawless&quot:-Living Legends
&quot:260&quot:-Ghostface Killah
&quot:Hydro&quot:- ATCQ

BQ: Hydro

1. The Residents- Shut Up Shut Up 2. Liliput- Ring-A-Ding-Dong 3. The gorgeous matters- middle of the night to 6 Man 4. Hank Williams Sr.- i am So Lonesome I might Cry 5. The Beatles- What you’re Doing 6. Hyperlink Wray- Jack The Ripper 7. God Is An Astronaut- Shadows 8. Tuxedomoon- the place interests Lie 9. Placebo- taste In men 10. John Lennon- Jealous man 11. The Angels of sunshine- My Suicide 12. Black Sabbath- children Of The Grave thirteen. Radiohead- You And Whose military 14. John Cage- Dream (1948) 15. White Noise- right here Comes The Fleas 16. Christian dying- Mysterium Iniquitatis 17. Suede- Animal Lover 18. Martin Denny- Jungle River Boat 19. The autumn- U.S. 80’s-ninety’s 20. Tim Buckley- Jungle fireplace 21. Asobi Seksu- Nefi+Girly 22. Jethro Tull- low-cost Day Return 23. Bauhaus- The passion Of fans 24. Moondog- Symphonique #6 (good For Goodie) 25. Ultramagnetic MC’s- One Minute less BQ 1- Black Sabbath- kids Of The Grave BQ 2- The Radiohead or Placebo songs BQ three- the autumn

@Missy. That pic of you there is stunning. My gawd you’re so beautiful. You deserve like a international award for that pic.

mind sex – dead prez
for whom the bells tolls – evidence
welcome (gotta go) – black milk
can’t tell me nothin – kanye west
wu wear – gza

BQ: mind sex or wu wear

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