POLLS:do you find it hard to trust people?

for me..yes..but dont get me wrong im a people’s person,out going and friendly..but i just dont trust anyone with my deepest secrets..its just i had been backstabbed many times because i was so naive !
x nat x

I got no friends. I’m happy yet I’m sad at the same time, happy because I got no fake friends using me, lying to me, backstabbing me, being fake/ pretending to like me, and taking advantage of one’s generosity: sad because it sucks knowing there’s no one to depend on, where one has to live in fear of having their trust betrayed, leading to a lonely life. I’m lonely, but content.

I have pretty much the same take on that. I’m very out going, and while I have a lot of &quot:acquaintances&quot:, I have very few of what I consider to be real friends. A friend is someone you can trust without thinking about it, and it’s very sad, but they’re almost impossible to find.

You’re the not the only that this happened to, and YES, I also find it hard to trust people with your deepest dark secrets. That’s why you don’t tell them about yourself in that manner.

C’mon, that’s not a fair question if you’re talking &quot:deepest secrets.&quot: Nobody casually shares that kind of information.

I tend to trust people unless given reason not to trust them but I don’t go around blabbing my deepest secrets.

The question in my opinion is very correct and 100% alright. About trust,it is very difficult to find people to whom you can have trust. The base of the trust are honesty, truthfullness,similar views of trusted persons.As mentioned,to get base of trust is very hard and accordingly as pointed out by the questioner in question is correct.Thanks to the question for teaching purpose question.

Don’t trust anyone. MAYBE trust your close family. That’s just how it is these days. Don’t put your life in anyone’s hands. We have to automatically trust TONS of people (the people who build bridges.airplane pilots etc)…but these are not usually people who are in your personal space. Don’t be paranoid about it…just be on your guard. I love dogs..but I know better than to get in one’s face. Same with people.

I trust people ,but not to the extend on lending her money ,believing her promises,or telling her my private business,or talking not nice about some one,but if I bad comment on some one,it is because I know that it will reach her. If you can’t trust any one, then you have fear on dealing with people. The bottom line is you have to know that person ,before you connect with/her him and expect that he might change his behavior to you or you to him,so always be aware.

I SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY have a problem. I was betrayed badly by a friend of mine, and now, I even question when a freind tells me she got a new pair of shoes, or talked to a guy! I’m really messed up, and I just don’t know who to believe anymore. Other than my parents (of course) I only have one friend that I completely trust.
Trust is something you have to really work hard for if you want mine.

Depends. I trust my family with everything. But it’s a different story when it comes to people i haven’t know very long, they have to earn my trust first.

i dont trust even my closest friends, especially my closest friends, cuz my [[ex]] best friend stabbed me so hard in the back a few years ago i still feel some if it today. i just kinda lost trust in everyone after that.

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