Poll – What is your preferred ethnicity to date?

I’m white but I prefer black men.

BQ -What is your ethnicity?

I am Hispanic and I prefer black or Hispanic men.

I guess I prefer &quot:Brown&quot: men.. I think there are many attractive and nice men of all races and ethnicities. I’ve dated a white guy in high school and he was so sweet, I’ve dated black guys and a hispanic guy… Any race really.
BQ- Black

I’m white and I’d prefer to date white men but my last two boyfriends were both West Indian…much to my family’s dismay lol.


BQ: White

a million. White. 2. lady. (wish it quite is obtrusive by way of my avatar) 3. White. And no, i’m not racist. i’m getting married to a white guy, and he’s the only one i want. If i became getting married to an African-American, then i might have suggested &quot:African-American&quot:. just to sparkling it up, i’m not attempting to sound racist. 4. Latino

I’m white and my girlfriend is Asian but to say I prefer Asians over whites would be a lie and vice versa.

Ethnicity really doesn’t much to me as long as she and I are mutually compatible.
I do admit to preferring women I can speak either french or spanish with however.

bq: Multi-racial / ethnic, but mostly French and Indigenous.

Don’t have a preferred race to date tbh

BQ: White

Nordic women. But sadly there aren’t much of them in California.
BQ: Latino


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